Barça B

Barça B fall again – 1-0 loss

Rey Manaj durante la derrota del domingo. / FCBARCELONA
Rey Manaj during sunday’s loss. / FCBARCELONA

Barça B visited Llagostera and lost by a goal (Cortés 60′), a disallowed goal and a missed penalty. The youth team is still unable to win away from home and has already settled four defeats in 7 games.

The Catalans fall in the classification after a complicated game characterised by the fouls committed by the contrary that blocked and slowed down the rhythm of the game without letting García Pimienta’s team impose their game. Effort and ideas are not rewarded yet for the Blaugrana.

The starting eleven chosen by the Catalan coach took place for unusual players given the rotations to avoid injuries, which many have already suffered at this start. The biggest novelty was the debut of José Marsà, the left-back of Juvenil A who has spent his entire life at the club.

The team also recovered one of its greatest promises, Ilaix Moriba, who missed the start of the season due to a sprained ankle. Ramos Mingo was added to the losses due to muscular discomfort.

XI: Carevic, José Marsà, Anau Comas, Mika Mármol, Álvaro Sánz, Nico, Ilaix Moriba, Matheus, Rey Manaj, Zeballos, Konrad de la Fuente.

The best of the game for Barça was Nico González as a pivot, distributing with sense and taking the ball from behind with the brilliance that characterizes him in his natural interior position. Another game of positive feelings left by Álvaro Sánz as a left-back and who is looking better and better on defence. On the other hand, Collado played the last minutes and was the author of the pass that could not be converted into an assist due to the disallowed goal to striker Zeballos.

At the end of the game, Peque, Nils and Jandro also entered. Orellana missed a penalty forced by a hand outside the area so there was not a penalty.

The signings are still not emerging and far from standing out, they don’t fit in and they don’t seem to understand what Barça wants to play at. The team continues to look better with the youth squad than with the signings. However, the situation looks bad as a result of non-existent planning in recent years.

Barça B is a key part of the club’s structure and to neglect it is to mistreat a unique and fundamental asset in the development of the youth squad.