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Keira Walsh and the new summer of transfer madness

After the 2023 Women’s World Cup, English media took a survey in England of the most recognisable members of the women’s team, the Lionesses, and Keira Walsh came dead last. And while most of the rest of the team do.

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Vamos a Mexico!

Live fast, travel often. Not exactly how the quote goes, but for Barcelona Femení the tail end of a domestic season in Spain and capping off European competition as champions means more time for training and less thinking for games..

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Bonmatí, Batlle out with battle scars

Similar to the excitement of Santa Claus coming to town once every year with a sack of presents to deliver down the chimney, one burst of excitement, or rather burst of emotion far from excitement for Barcelona Femeni fans is.

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FIFA didn’t consult Liga F on new international calendar, and Barça Femení players are suffering because of it

In the current international window, 18 Barça Femení players have been called into service, and this is just the start of an overworked summer.

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Marc Vivés’s productivity: Barça Femení transfer window looks to the future

Marc Vivés's job this summer is to maintain Barça Femení's sqaud strength and, if even possible, make it better.

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Symbols of Champions, and change

So it came to pass, and then it went. On Saturday, May 25th, Barcelona Femeni proved the fan "theory of three" to be true, and took home their third European title. And all in style.

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It’s Time

Tonight. The UEFA Women's Champions League Final. Barcelona Femeni fight for their third continental title.

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Big blow with potential departure of Bartel

. For nineteen year old footballer Júlia Bartel from Castellbisbal, Spain, life consists of having two of the most prestigious professional women's football clubs in Europe vying for her ability. A product of La Masia (Barcelona's youth academy), a FIFA.

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Barça Femení’s Summer Transfer Market Could Already Be Closed

While other European women’s football fans wait anxiously for the end of June to know how their squad might look next season, Barça Femení might already have everything done and dusted in the market. Yesterday, two reports came in –.

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Som-Hi, Barcelona’s Time to Shine

Barcelona's Aitana Bonmatí (R) celebrates scoring a goal with her teammates while Chelsea's Sjoeke Nüsken (L) looks down in disappointment / SportsMax

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