Barcelona Court Weighs Dani Alves’ Release: Hearing Highlights and Legal Arguments

Dani Alves / Getty Images
Dani Alves / Getty Images

The Barcelona Court has released Dani Alves on bail.

The Barcelona Court held a hearing on Tuesday, March 19, to determine whether Dani Alves would be released from custody or remain in detention. His lawyer argued for his immediate release and suggested that a significant payment of €150,000 in compensation could lead to a reduced sentence. Alves himself assured the court of his willingness to stay in Spain until the case was resolved, emphasizing his residency in Barcelona and offering a new bail of €50,000 along with daily appearances in court.

However, the prosecution opposed his release due to concerns over flight risk given his substantial financial means and the severity of the sentence imposed. Alves, appearing at the end of the hearing, expressed confidence in the justice system and his availability to it. It has now been reported by El Periódico that Alves could be released upon payment of a €1 million bail with the condition that he does not leave Spain, in addition to surrendering his Spanish and Brazilian passports. He must also appear weekly before the Provincial Court and refrain from approaching the complainant within a radius of 1,000 meters from her residence, workplace, or any other frequented location.

The court’s decision was based on the principle that provisional detention should not anticipate the effects of a potential sentence or expedite the investigation of a crime beyond constitutional limits. It emphasized the need for objectively necessary measures and the consideration of less restrictive alternatives as per legal provisions, with particular attention to evolving circumstances and the passage of time in assessing the risk of flight.