Barcelona Partners with City Council to Accelerate Spotify Camp Nou Project

Construction at the Spotify Camp Nou / FC Barcelona
Construction at the Spotify Camp Nou / FC Barcelona

Barcelona has accelerated renovations at the Spotify Camp Nou.

Barcelona has kicked into high gear with the renovations of the Spotify Camp Nou. The Catalan club, in partnership with the construction company Limark, has set the objective of having the team return to their stadium by late 2024, showing unwavering dedication to this goal. To further accelerate the pace of work, FC Barcelona has reached an agreement with the Barcelona City Council and nearby community groups associated with the Spotify Camp Nou to extend the stadium’s construction hours until midnight from Monday to Friday, with a provision for no machinery or noise after 8 PM, according to Roger Torello of Mundo Deportivo.

Additionally, the verbal agreement stipulates the closure of the Miniestadi training ground on Saturdays when the club is permitted to work at the Camp Nou, aiming to minimize disturbances to the neighborhood on weekends. Furthermore, in an effort to minimize inconvenience, the club has ordered covers to shield the machinery that generates the most dust. To ensure compliance with the agreed-upon regulations, all three parties have agreed to hold monthly follow-up meetings, allowing the City Council to renew permits for FC Barcelona to work on Saturdays without disturbing the neighborhood. This new pre-agreement between FC Barcelona and the City Council, alongside local community groups, builds upon previous successes such as the redirection of truck access to the quarry.

Previously, it was decided to close truck access to the quarry via Cardenal Reig Street and open a new access point via Doctor Marañón Avenue. Additionally, betevé reports that another access point will be added on the same street, slightly further up. This measure has been well-received by residents, as they have noticed a reduction in dust levels. This March, FC Barcelona has been able to continue work on Saturdays, with the Les Corts district authorizing work on Saturdays, specifically on March 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd, between 10 AM and 6 PM, with controlled acoustic and lighting conditions.