Barcelona president Joan Laporta speaks out on referee controversy

Joan Laporta / Mundo Deportivo
Joan Laporta / Mundo Deportivo

Joan Laporta calls for Action Against Real Madrid TV.

In the aftermath of the recent referee scandal that marred the Real Madrid vs. Almeria match at the Santiago Bernabeu, Barcelona President Joan Laporta has voiced his concerns and called for decisive action. Laporta addressed the issue in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, expressing his dismay at the referee mistakes during the game and the subsequent impact on La Liga.

Laporta did not hold back in his criticism of the situation, particularly pointing fingers at Real Madrid TV for producing videos on referees. In response to whether the Spanish Federation should take action against the channel, Laporta stated, “Absolutely. This is what I have told the president of the Spanish Federation. The Technical Committee of Referees depends on the Spanish Federation. He has told me that what is past is past and that they plan to take action on the matter.”

Concerns about the integrity of La Liga were at the forefront of Laporta’s comments, as he remarked, “But we are also seeing situations that are worrying us a lot and if this continues, it will be very difficult for us to achieve our objectives.” Barcelona’s head coach Xavi had previously raised similar concerns about the impact of controversial decisions on the competition.

Laporta expressed confidence in the Barcelona squad, acknowledging their resilience in overcoming obstacles. However, he emphasized the need for fair competition, stating, “But of course, the competition cannot be adulterated any further with decisions like those made last Sunday at the Bernabéu.”

Joan Laporta / Getty Images
Joan Laporta / Getty Images

When questioned about whether he believes La Liga is being adulterated by such incidents, Laporta responded, “Man, with these results yes, because it’s not just this Sunday. We have been analyzing the issue, and there are already a series of points that our rival has achieved by benefiting from referee decisions.”

Highlighting the impact on player morale, Laporta shared his concern for the Barcelona players, especially after the controversial match at the Bernabeu. “I saw the players worried about what happened at the Bernabéu. And, of course, as a club, we have to take action on the matter.”

Laporta concluded by expressing his commitment to addressing the injustice he perceives, stating, “I am a president who does not hide from facing situations, and I think that I have to raise my voice in this case because I see an injustice, and when we see this injustice, we denounce it.”

In analyzing specific incidents, Laporta pointed out his surprise at VAR decisions, particularly questioning the validity of Madrid’s goals and highlighting a particular play involving Bellingham in the match against Almeria. The president emphasized the need for responsible authorities to rectify the situation and ensure fair play in La Liga.