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Barcelona Revamps Training Regimen to Bridge Gap with European Giants

Training Session / FC Barcelona
Training Session / FC Barcelona

Barcelona wants to change the training style to compete with the best in Europe.

Barcelona is pondering how to edge closer to the level showcased by the top contenders for the Champions League title. In recent years, all clubs have been meticulously fine-tuning their strategies, and the Blaugrana club is keen not to lag behind in terms of preparation, both tactically and physically. According to Toni Juanmarti from SPORT, Barcelona has been crafting a plan for several months now, especially aimed at fostering the progression of young players as desired.

This concept is part of a series of measures the club has in mind to attempt a leap in terms of training dynamics and performance. The club believes that in today’s football, every detail makes a difference, so they want to review and enhance some of the day-to-day processes. One of the club’s intentions is for players to engage in extra work sessions several afternoons a week, alongside the supervision of internal supervisors and external consultants. The roadmap involves not only designing specific gym work or injury prevention plans but also on-field drills to refine specific aspects of the game. Naturally, each player requires a different approach.

Barcelona works with the aim that this ‘push’ is primarily offered to young talents who are approaching the first team, although there is no precise delineation in that regard. It is considered that the youth and reserve team stages are appropriate moments for players to undertake such work. This includes other academy players who are on the cusp of the first team but are still at a very early age. Some within the Catalan club believe that in the current century, attention has been diverted from an aspect that has been gaining prominence in elite football.

The first team increasingly encounters opponents who are meticulously prepared physically, with players operating at a demanding pace and intensity, especially in Europe. Although the domestic competitions of the first team, reserves, or youth teams may not require such levels, they struggle to match up when continental competitions arrive. Recent results, including those in the Youth League, attest to this fact. Barcelona acknowledges that it is currently facing financial challenges, making it all the more imperative to nurture the talent already present in La Masia.

Juanmarti also mentions that club sources emphasize that they fully accept that many of their players may never reach the physical stature of other top European teams, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t strive to narrow the gap as much as possible and allow talent to make the difference.