Barcelona’s global campaign: ‘The Shirt with the Most History’ highlights human rights

Campaign Poster / FC Barcelona
Campaign Poster / FC Barcelona

Barcelona launches global campaign.

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Barcelona has launched a global initiative titled “The shirt with the most history.” As reported by Ferran Correas of SPORT, the central theme of the campaign is to condemn the ongoing violations of human rights worldwide.

Commencing today, the campaign will narrate the stories of millions of individuals seeking a brighter future, many of whom embark on their journey adorned in a Barça shirt. Numerous migrants leave their homes in pursuit of improved circumstances due to factors like war, persecution, or poverty, and a significant number of them do so wearing the Barça jersey.

The collective narrative of this campaign will be exemplified through the story of Mamadou Día, a Senegalese individual who undertook a perilous sea journey to arrive on the shores of Europe in 2006. Currently a writer and activist, Mamadou has established an organization in Senegal called Hahatay, collaborating with the Barça Foundation.

The campaign kicked off with the display of a Barça shirt enclosed in a methacrylate box at Plaça Universitat de Barcelona. This installation, present until January 5, features a QR code providing access to the campaign video and linking to the Foundation’s website for insights into its initiatives.

The video has also been showcased on screens in New York and Tokyo, notably in iconic locations such as Times Square and Shinjuku. In the upcoming days, diverse content featuring collaborations with Barça President Joan Laporta, players, activists, and influencers will amplify the message across the club’s official channels and personal networks.

The campaign will culminate on January 8 with a significant event at the port of Barcelona, attended by Joan Laporta and the Foundation’s General Director, Marta Segú. A special guest, Mamadou Día, will take center stage during the event. On this day, a structure resembling the symbolic profile of the Barça shirt will be placed at sea, symbolizing the perilous journeys undertaken by numerous migrants worldwide.