Future Stars in Focus: Barça’s Negotiations with Cubarsí, Fort, and Guiu Underway

Pau Cubarsi (left) & Hector Fort (right) / Mundo Deportivo
Pau Cubarsi (left) & Hector Fort (right) / Mundo Deportivo

Deco has initiated contract renewal discussions with Pau Cubarsi, Marc Guiu, and Hector Fort.

The delicate financial situation of Barça, particularly regarding ‘fair play’, is widely known. Until the club adheres strictly to the one-in-one-out rule, signing new players remains next to impossible, especially with transfer fees involved. Faced with this scenario and keeping an eye on pending revenues to unlock the situation, the Blaugrana club focuses on retaining its existing talent. Ensuring the continuity of future players is a top priority, which is why Deco has already taken action. There’s no time to waste. According to Toni Juanmarti of SPORT, Pau Cubarsí, Héctor Fort, and Marc Guiu have already received renewal proposals.

In general, their cases can be grouped together. These three are youth players with contracts until the end of their respective stages. Cubarsí, born in 2007, is contracted until 2026, while Héctor Fort and Marc Guiu, born in 2006, are set to finish their contracts in June 2025. All three players have made their mark in the first team this season, impressing with their performances. Barça values their present contributions, but more importantly, their potential for the future. Thus, the club’s desire is to secure their respective renewals. The commitment to La Masia is steadfast, especially now as the club’s finances are not at their best. However, each case is unique, and those of Cubarsí, Fort, and Guiu are no exception. Barça is aware that Cubarsí’s breakthrough has come sooner than expected.

His outstanding performance has accelerated events, making his extension the current priority for the sports management. Established as a starter in Xavi’s defense, Cubarsí is poised to lead the Blaugrana backline for the next decade. However, this will require effort from Barça, as his relatively modest release clause has further sparked the interest of top European clubs. SPORT reported weeks ago on Manchester City’s attempt to sign Pau, a move considered pivotal by Barça’s sporting department.

Initial contacts between the two parties have already been made, although progress is cautious, and it seems several more months will be needed to finalize an agreement at this point. Regarding Héctor Fort, negotiations are also in an early stage. However, there’s more room to consider various scenarios in his case, and it remains to be seen what role the club envisions for him in terms of his development, given his strong performances on both the right and left wings. The sports management has great confidence in his progression.

Héctor has serious chances of being part of the squad next season. Lastly, there’s the case of Marc Guiu. Of the three, he’s probably the closest to reaching an agreement. Not because discussions are nearing conclusion, quite the opposite, but it appears that the gap between the club’s and the player’s expectations is narrower concerning the forward. The slower pace of events allows for this. Guiu’s emergence has been much more gradual than, for example, Pau’s. The academy player understands he’s competing with established players and acknowledges that being a ‘9’ at Can Barça requires patience. The club’s discussions with all three will continue without rush over the coming weeks and months. Logic dictates that initial proposals serve as starting points for further negotiation.

Thus, it’s normal for an agreement not to be reached quickly, as each party defends what they believe is fair. The rapport in all three cases is positive, and negotiations will proceed as usual. Without haste but without pause, the club is already working to secure the future of those who may become key figures in Barça’s not-so-distant future. Indeed, Cubarsí is already one today at just 17 years old.