Ivan Rakitic opens up about his situation at the club

Ivan Rakitic during the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and SD Eibar at Camp Nou / ALEX CAPARROS GETTY IMAGES EUROPE
Ivan Rakitic during the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and SD Eibar at Camp Nou / ALEX CAPARROS GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

Barça midfielder Ivan Rakitic spoke about his situation at the club during an interview on COPE’s ‘El Partidazo’ program.

The ‘new normal’ is starting with the Barcelona first team back to training sessions, several Barcelona players have spoken about the situation. Now, Ivan Rakitic has shared his opinions through an interview with ‘El Partidazo’ from COPE as well as Radio MARCA, respectively. The Croatian also spoke about his contract with Barcelona and the rumours that have repeatedly placed him on the market.

The return of football

Iván Rakitic said during the interview that he was aware of the Bundesliga return this weekend, adding that although it is joyful to see football again and he wants to see the positive side of things, it is ‘sad’ to see football under those conditions. The Bundesliga opens the way for all the other leagues in Europe, and to overcome this situation, Barcelona has already taken the first step with group training.

“It has been special to train again in a group, I have felt like a footballer again. We respect the situation but we are also looking forward to [training sessions] it. We change and we shower at home,” he said.

On his physical condition, the midfielder added that he feels even better than when he returns from summer vacation, he said that during the confinement he was working out.

“When I arrived at the Ciutat Esportiva, they told me: ‘Iván, you have changed’. I am better physically now than after the summer.”

His contract with Barcelona and the transfer market

Iván Rakitic’s name has been heard in several rumours since last summer, with a potential departure from Barcelona being the talking point. The Croatian player has a contract with Barcelona until June 2021 and has made it clear that he intends to complete it, despite constantly appearing in possible movements.

“When we sign a contract it is with the idea of ​​fulfilling it. Also with the idea that I want to play, but I am calm. I wish that on some occasion someone from the club had come out to say Rakitic was staying to end the rumours. Bartomeu has not told me anything. Perhaps today he is listening to us and tomorrow he is calling me,” he declared.

“My oldest daughter asked me when we are going to put a new trophy in the small trophy room at home and I replied: ‘Soon, we will have two more here’,” Rakitic adds, knowing that there is still the Champions League to play for in addition to what remains of LaLiga, where Barcelona top the table.”

In response to statements by Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, speaking of being a better team than Barça, Iván Rakitic emphasized that he respects the goalkeeper.

“I respect him. He wanted to show how much he wanted to play [again].”

Rakitic also gave his opinion about one of Barça’s main objectives in this transfer window, Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martínez, a move the Croatian reportedly could be a part of.

“If Lautaro has to come, I will be delighted. I have nothing to do with it. I want to think about Barça, but I have never closed doors to making a big change,” the midfielder stated.

Regarding his future, he made it clear that he aims to return to live in Seville sooner or later. Rakitic has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to Andalusia, mainly because his wife was born there, and sooner or later they plan on returning to the city.

Iván Rakitic commented that his relationship with Quique Setién is good, and that he, like everyone, he is very excited for Barcelona to play again.