Barcelona Interviews LaLiga Press conferences

Koeman: “The next game is always the most important and we have to go with everything”

Ronald Koeman during the press conference (Source : Migue Ruiz/FCB)
Ronald Koeman during the press conference (Source : Migue Ruiz/FCB)

Ronald Koeman talked to the press today, prior to their league game against bottom placed side Huesca on Monday where he talked about Atletico, the league, chances of a double and more.

On Atletico dropping points again

“The team is doing well with great enthusiasm and we are also going to play the last games on a rare day. We know all the results and we have to win to fight for the League. It is our first objective. We must be prepared and focused . There are no easy games. The results speak for themselves.”

On if he has had a talk with Laporta

“I have not spoken with the president yet because there are many games and he is yet to take office. We spoke a little in Paris but we have to meet later. And they are not things to explain outside but they are from within the club.”

On Messi and De Jong being one card away from suspension

“We know that the two are one card away but it is not a time to think about it because I do not want to say that tomorrow’s game will be easier than Sunday’s. Each game depends on ourselves. We have to be concentrated. The next game is always the most important and you have to go with everything.”

On the fight for LaLiga

“First we have to win tomorrow, but we are closing the gap. It is a demonstration that we have improved and a proof that there are no easy games. Those from below fight not to be relegated and those from above, to reach UEFA and other things. You don’t have to look at the table but go to win every game. We can’t fail any more. Atlético is going strong and Real Madrid is there too. You have to go game by game.”

On Nagelsmann’s Words

“It was a very good reaction but I don’t have to answer the names of coaches that a journalist got. Names are not missing. You have to fill the pages every day. I have a contract. We are improving many things and we have to continue.”

On this being a roster with a future

“This team has a lot of future. There is a lot of quality. We wanted to change things and this is clearly visible. It is the path that we have started and it is not finished. It also depends on the senior players and we must highlight the quality and energy that seniors like Messi, Alba, Busquets, Piqué and Sergi Roberto bring to the team. In general, the team has a lot of future.”

On Barca being on the rise

“It seems that we are the ones who are doing better but it is not easy to continue in this rhythm of matches. It is important to go match by match, prepare well for anyone. But today the sun rises and tomorrow it may rain. We must continue with energy and being humble with the path we are taking. You don’t have to look at others. There are always ups and downs in a season and those with the least downs win the championships.”

On the motivation after Atletico’s draw

“It is not necessary to laugh at others. This begins with oneself. The team has been involved for a long time and not because of the results of others. Everyone is plugged in, they want to be, even the injured players and you can see that atmosphere and energy on the pitch. It is incredible in the data, how the team is doing physically. We have improved in our game without the ball. Huesca is last but I have seen several games and they give many problems to their opponents.”

On the scenario being different a month ago

“I have always said that it is a very long season. The points that Atlético have obtained is not normal. Everything counts and our trajectory since the last match away against Cádiz has been good. Till the last day, everything is going to be complicated for us as well as Atlético.”

On playing on Mondays

“It’s weird but we accept the calendar and the days. We have recovered with two days of rest and people have come back eagerly.”

On the opportunity of completing the double

“It is not a message of the day but the way we have been working together from the first day we arrived. It is a period of recent games in which we have improved as a team. We have improved the game without the ball and the players are happy with how we are working but we must continue to maintain this level.”

On his views on the game in Paris

“It is the maximum that can be asked of the players. The level of the other day but with effectiveness. If we analyze this season, we have lost unnecessary points for not having the effectiveness that a team like Barcelona should have. They even told me that in the 6-1 comeback there weren’t as many opportunities as we had in Paris.”

On Frenkie De Jong being a leader for the future

“He will be here for many years. He has shown improvement and he feels more responsible at Barça. Although he is young, he is taking more and more responsibility in the games and I like that. To be a foreigner, you have to make a difference. He’s having a great season. You can’t ask for more than to keep doing things as before.”

On Jordi Cruyff and his possible arrival

“I can’t say much. The president has to decide his team in important positions. I know him well and his family and he may be a candidate, but I don’t know for sure. When the president takes office, we will talk about the positions in the club.”

On closing the points gap with Atletico

“I don’t like talking about other teams. We have to look at ourselves. Once again, we still need to play tomorrow’s game. Atlético is very competitive. They haven’t lost much either. They lacked effectiveness yesterday and had the match to win. In Getafe they had many clear opportunities. It is a very strong team and you have to fight until the last match to win.”

On Messi equaling Xavi’s 767 games record

“It’s an incredible number of games. It will be a great milestone like the one Xavi achieved at Barça. With Messi, everything is incredible: number of games, goals, hat-tricks, titles… I hope he continues to increase his figures at Barça.”