The emotional first speech by Joan Laporta as Barça president

Joan Laporta festejando el triunfo de su candidatura tras su discurso. / RAC1
Joan Laporta celebrating after his first speech. / RAC1

Tonight the new president of FC Barcelona has been made official after counting the votes, Joan Laporta is elected and will preside over the club for the second time in his life. Laporta has already given his first speech remembering Cruyff, sending a message to Messi and talking about what it is to love Barça.

An electoral day of improper dimensions for the context of a pandemic shows that the club is more alive than ever and that the ‘socis’ are committed and involved with the club. With 30,184 votes, that is, 54.28% of participation, Joan Laporta is elected president. Firstly, he thanked his voters and put the importance of these elections into context.

“First of all, I want to thank those who have participated in these elections, which have been the most important in our history due to the pandemic, which has changed our lives. To thank the partners who have supported our candidacy. Also to the Management Board, the Electoral Board, the polling station, the auditors … Today has been a celebration of democracy and Barcelona. “

“Let me thank everyone who has supported us in this campaign, the longest in the history of our club.”

“Thank all the ‘socis’ who have participated in these elections, which make us more than a club and I think they are the most important in history due to the pandemic situation in which they have been held.”

During this first act as president, Joan and his team wore the mythical 14 of Johan Cruyff in their masks, who was his right hand and a great friend. Thus he paid a small tribute to the flying dutch.

“I want to give a special thanks to Johan Cruyff, I am sure he has helped us. He inspires us with all the decisions we have to make, this candidacy is a Cruyffista and Barcelonista candidacy.”

“We dedicate it to him because we are an uncomplicatedly Cruyffista candidacy and he guides us.”

Laporta also spoke about Lionel Messi and his desire to continue at the club.

“Today 20 years ago a boy named Leo Messi debuted in the Barça children’s team and today he was here voting. Seeing that today the best player in the world and football history has come to vote, for me it is a sample of what we have said during the campaign. That Messi loves Barça, the best player in the world loves Barça and that is very significant. We are going to encourage him to continue at FC Barcelona, ​​which is what we all want. “

Finally, the new president referenced the model of ownership of the club and the joy that he wants to recover in what is his second term as president of FC Barcelona.

“This great family that is FC Barcelona will overcome these difficulties and we will achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.”

“We will bring happiness back to Barcelona. We will overcome all difficulties. Let no one suffer, because the members will continue to be owners of this club.”

And he closed by referring to JF Kennedy, focused on his motto: love for Barça.

“Don’t just think about what Barça should do for us … I ask you what you can do for Barça and the best thing that can be done for Barça is to love it. To love it more than ever.”