The repurchase opportunity for Chadi Riad is set not for 2024 but for 2025

Chadi Riad / Getty Images
Chadi Riad / Getty Images

Chadi Riad’s buyback option is not valid until 2025.

The buyback option for Chadi Riad is applicable not in 2024 but in 2025. According to Fernando Polo from Mundo Deportivo, the Moroccan centre-back is currently on loan to Betis until June 30, 2024, and the Andalusian club has the option to purchase him. If Betis exercises this option, Barcelona can buy him back, but this opportunity is valid only for a year. Despite being only 20 years old, Chadi Riad has showcased a remarkable performance in his professional debut.

Barça initially loaned him to Betis until June 30, 2024, with a purchase option for the green and white club. The official statement from Barcelona did not specify the amount, though some sources suggest it is around three and a half million. If Betis acquires him, FC Barcelona, in turn, holds another purchase option for double the amount to reclaim him.

Information obtained from sources at the Barça entity, as confirmed by MD, indicates that the buyback option for Barcelona is not applicable in the summer of 2024 but rather in 2025. Consequently, if Betis purchases him in the upcoming summer, Barcelona can only regain him by negotiating a transfer with Betis, involving either monetary compensation or the rights of players like Abde.

Barcelona had transferred Abde to Betis for 7.5 million euros, reserving the right to repurchase and securing 50% of a future sale of the winger. In other words, Barcelona cannot unilaterally recover Chadi Riad next summer if Betis buys him. The scenario may arise where Betis opts not to purchase him, leading to his return at the end of the loan term, which extends until 2024. However, if Betis secures his signature, Barcelona’s buyback option is slated for 2025.