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Worries over Dembélé’s groin discomfort

Ousmane Dembélé in action against SD Huesca / David Ramos / Getty Images Europe
Ousmane Dembélé in action against SD Huesca / David Ramos / Getty Images Europe

The Catalan newspaper Sport has advanced news about Ousmane Dembélé possibly sustaining another muscular injury. The problem seems to manifest in his groin area, as he has apparently finished the last couple of games with discomfort.

Culés are well aware of the injury-proneness the French winger has been a victim of during his time in the Blaugrana. He has missed as many as 85 games due to being sidelined by the injuries, according to Transfermarkt, with the majority of those being recurrent hamstring injuries.

It almost seemed that the sun has finally set on his days of rolling the rock up the hill, only for it to tumble back down from the top once again. He has managed to convince Koeman that he could be of great use to his team, backing up his performances by netting 10 goals and adding 4 assists in the 37 matches he has played.

Barely anybody thought anything bad could be looming up behind the horizon. The recent news counteracts it though. Apparently, the discomfort has been a matter of a few weeks and it is not just very recent. The international break only made it worse for him.

FC Barcelona’s medical team has opted for a conservative approach to treatment for the time being. The attacker is also working with his personal trainer Salah Ghaidi to overcome the discomfort.

The fact that the pain is apparently not increasing is the only positive information about his current situation. On the other hand, it is worrisome that the pain does not appear to be subsiding either. Dembélé understands that this is the most important part of the season, so he cannot take the time off to rest. The discomfort has not prevented him to be available to Koeman yet.

Although there is concern in the club’s circles about where this could lead, no drastic measures will be taken at the moment. The player is determined to regain his optimal form and help his teammates. Nonetheless, taking some time off would most likely benefit him more. The situation will be monitored weekly by the physicians at the club, so nothing gets out of control.