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Xavi’s pre-match press conference insights: Barcelona’s approach against Getafe

Xavi / FC Barcelona
Xavi / FC Barcelona

Recap of Xavi’s press conference ahead of the match against Getafe.

In a recent press conference preceding Barcelona’s highly anticipated match against Getafe, coach Xavi delved into various aspects of his team’s preparations, strategic approach, and reflections on the season. Here’s a breakdown of Xavi’s key quotes:

“We need the esteem of the fans. An important match against a very well-trained team. Aggressive players, well understood, a very competitive team. And I would highlight that it is not a defensive team, it is brave. What is always said about Bordalás’ teams that they are defensive but it doesn’t seem that way to me.”

Reflecting on the team’s improvement and its impact on star player Robert Lewandowski’s performance, Xavi noted, “Robert is also a consequence of the team’s improvement. We have improved in many ways of the game. We attack and defend in a more orderly manner. Perhaps he has been more effective but it is a consequence of the team’s improvement.”

When asked about potential rotations in the lineup, Xavi responded, “We’ll see how we all get there. We’ve done more tactical training but we don’t have much time to rest. There will be some changes in the lineup but not many. It’s time for important players to play.”

Xavi maintained a realistic outlook on Barcelona’s chances in the league, emphasizing the significance of home victories. He commented, “Every week is a different story but we can’t fail at home. We don’t throw in the towel but we know it’s complicated.”

Referring to Getafe’s playing style and referees, Xavi stated, “I already said about referees that I wouldn’t talk more. I will tell you about Bordalás’ teams that I like how they compete and their aggressiveness. Just because they are aggressive doesn’t mean they are defensive. We have to get out of the pressure well, for me it is worth praising what they are doing.”

Expressing the importance of securing a win against Getafe, Xavi emphasized, “It would give us more peace of mind. It wouldn’t be very good for climbing positions. For the first time, we would sleep in second position but we have to do our job.”

Xavi didn’t shy away from expressing his frustration with the scheduling of matches, indicating his preference for alternative timing. However, he asserted, “There are no excuses. We have to win.”

Providing updates on Ferran Torres’ recovery and addressing disciplinary concerns, Xavi mentioned, “We’re going to see his feelings, which at the moment are good. I can’t give you an exact date… We try not to think about that and compete in the best possible way without accumulating more yellow cards. We go step by step; we don’t think about Bilbao.”

When questioned about the criteria for selecting the next Barcelona coach and reflecting on the team’s progress, Xavi stated, “It should have a continuation in the Barça DNA but it depends on the sporting director and the president… I do believe that the decision is correct and I believe that the club needs this change. I do believe that the team has taken a step forward: I believe that the team is playing better.”

Endorsing Ronald Araujo’s importance and praising Mason Greenwood’s impact, Xavi remarked, “For me, there is no way; he is the present and future of Barça. He is already one of the leaders and I think he is fundamental for the future of the club… He is a footballer who demands help, a player who makes a difference.”

Reflecting on Barcelona’s performance in the recent match against Napoli and evaluating players’ roles, Xavi concluded, “It wasn’t physical, we ended up putting pressure on them. It wasn’t the fault of the physical level, it was more mental… Yes, playing closer to the area has helped, but it can also make a difference at the base… He is playing very well on both the left and right.”