Analyzing the Potential Permanent Signings of Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo

Laporta with Cancelo & Felix / FC Barcelona
Laporta with Cancelo & Felix / FC Barcelona

Barcelona to decide whether to pursue the signings permanently this summer of Joao Felix & Joao Cancelo.

In the upcoming summer transfer window, Barcelona faces a crucial decision regarding the permanent signings of two key players, Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo, currently on loan from Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, respectively.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke about the situation to Mundo Deportivo saying “The players’ agent [Jorge Mendes] is the same, and the two clubs [Atletico Madrid and Manchester City] with whom we have a good relationship and know each other a lot, have already guided us on where the players should go so that the moves are concluded so that they join Barça,” he said

“We are interested in them not being on loan, but rather belonging to the squad. Let’s see how it progresses. It will be addressed in due course. I believe that both the Cancelo move and that of Félix are moves that all parties will be satisfied with.”

Laporta makes it clear the objective is to negotiate with the two parent clubs to find an agreement to sign the Joaos, but it definitely won’t be easy to execute.

Joao Felix’s dilemma: balancing talent and financial prudence

Reports indicate that Atletico Madrid values Joao Felix at 80 million euros, while Barcelona is reluctant to surpass the 40 million euro mark. With Barcelona hoping for a similar arrangement as Griezmann’s transfer, planning to sign Felix on loan with a buy option, negotiations appear challenging. Felix’s impressive performance, with a trajectory toward 10 goals and 10 assists this season, adds to his appeal. However, the club must exercise caution, considering the high valuation and other pressing areas requiring investment.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta’s statement emphasizes the desire for permanent squad additions rather than loans, aligning with the club’s long-term vision. Therefore, Barcelona must navigate negotiations astutely, aiming for a deal that aligns with their financial strategy while securing Felix’s valuable contribution.

Joao Felix / Getty Images
Joao Felix / Getty Images

Joao Cancelo: A consistent performer worthy of a permanent role

In contrast, Joao Cancelo’s loan spell has seen him emerge as Barcelona’s most consistent player, excelling in both right and left back positions. Despite initial financial fair play constraints, Barcelona aims to secure Cancelo for around 20 million euros, eliminating the option to loan him again. His impressive numbers and versatility make him a compelling case for a permanent role.

Cancelo’s significance to the team suggests that Barcelona should prioritize securing him permanently, regardless of the cost. His consistent performances and adaptability have addressed defensive concerns, making him a crucial asset for the seasons to come.

Joao Cancelo / Getty Images
Joao Cancelo / Getty Images

Strategic approach: balancing ambition and financial prudence

The president’s acknowledgment of the clubs’ good relationship with both Atletico Madrid and Manchester City provides a foundation for negotiations. However, the key lies in striking a balance between ambition and financial prudence. Barcelona should refrain from overspending and limit their combined expenditure on Felix and Cancelo to no more than 60 million euros.

Both Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo have proven their worth at Barcelona, but the club must approach negotiations diligently. While Cancelo’s permanent signing is a clear priority, Felix’s case requires careful consideration due to Atletico Madrid’s high valuation. Barcelona’s success in the summer transfer window will hinge on their ability to secure these talents within a reasonable budget, aligning with the president’s vision for a squad with long-term stability.