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Barça’s bid to resolve De Jong’s contract conundrum

Frenkie de Jong / Getty Images
Frenkie de Jong / Getty Images

The figures for keeping Frenkie de Jong for the remaining two years of his contract are staggering.

According to Marta Ramon of RAC1, keeping Frenkie de Jong would cost Barça 77 million euros. This includes the 30 million euros still to be amortized from his signing fee, along with his current inflated salary due to deferrals during the era of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

And all this money, just for the two seasons remaining on his contract. In other words: De Jong will cost Barça almost 39 million euros per season on average starting this summer. That’s why the sports department is considering two scenarios: either the player renews his contract or leaves with a very high transfer fee.

Renewal Scenario

According to club sources, the renewal offer on the table for De Jong does not foresee a salary reduction, but he would earn less than what he is entitled to until 2026 because he is receiving deferred payments from the 20-21 and 21-22 seasons. In the case of renewal, he would return to a “reasonable” salary, which would be around 15 million euros per season.

Transfer Scenario

Barça needs a high transfer fee to make the operation financially viable. However, in terms of fair play, the club would already benefit from his departure due to the space it would create in terms of salary and amortization. In this regard, it was previously explained on RAC1 that Barça knows it will need to make a good sale to pave the way for the 1-1 rule and be able to register players normally. The ideal would be 100 million euros.

However, they would also need to resolve the Barça Studios lever to get out of the deadlock. Barça awaits a response.

The club wants to know De Jong’s intentions to avoid reaching 2025 with this issue unresolved and risking him leaving for free. The club has not received any news from the midfielder regarding renewal or departure.

Failed Attempt

Barça failed in its attempt to transfer him to Manchester United in the summer of 2022 and, faced with his refusal to leave, even threatened to take legal action to lower his salary. De Jong not only stayed at the club but also did not waive a single euro.