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Barça’s Sports management chooses Pere Romeu as the successor to Giráldez

Pere Romeu / SPORT
Pere Romeu / SPORT

Pere Romeu is set to become the new manager of the FC Barcelona Women’s team this summer.

Pere Romeu will be, if nothing changes, the next coach of FC Barcelona Women’s team. This is the decision that the club’s sports management has finally made, according to Maria Tikas of SPORT, after an exhaustive casting to find the best replacement for Jonatan Giráldez.

The club considered several options, both from within and outside and ultimately opted for a continuity bet. The two finalists for the position were the aforementioned Pere Romeu and Rafel Navarro, Giráldez’s assistant. And ‘Relevo’ already hinted at the end of January that the former was the best positioned. “Don’t fix what isn’t broken,” as the saying goes. And it’s the strategy that has worked so well for Barça in recent years. Giráldez left Lluís Cortés’ coaching staff, and the successor to the Vigo-born coach also comes from his ‘staff’.

Romeu joined the women’s first team in the summer of 2021 when Giráldez took on the titanic challenge of leading the team that had just won the treble and to form his own ‘staff’, with some members who were already with Cortés, he ‘fished’ in La Masia, as the Catalan had spent three years in the men’s youth football and was steeped in the Barça DNA. He stood out in the Barça youth system as assistant to Sergi Milà – now coordinator of the club’s 11-a-side football -, first with the Cadet B and then with the Cadet A, from the 2004 generation, one of the most promising at La Masia which has seen players like Gavi, Ilias Akhomach, Aleix Garrido, or Ángel Alarcón grow.

He went on an ‘Erasmus’ to Romania, spent a year on Rubén de la Barrera’s coaching staff during his time at Viitorul, and returned with the major challenge of being part of the coaching staff of a Barça that, since then, has won seven titles – including the Champions League in Eindhoven – and will be aiming for the much-desired quadruple this season. Barça opts for Pere Romeu for his character and personality, as well as for the experience he has already gained in men’s youth football, which has helped him grow in the elite. He knows the Barça playing model and its idiosyncrasy up close, something crucial to give continuity to a sports project that has yielded excellent results with a unique style of play and evolved management.

Everyone who has worked with him, whether in La Masia or in the women’s first team, assures that he is “excellent”, both in human relations and at a technical-tactical level. A total success. Barça is and will continue to be in good hands.