Barcelona bounce back in Copa del Rey and set their sight on the final

Gerard Piqué celebrating his goal that allowed overtime / FC Barcelona

The Blaugranas will move on to the final of the Copa del Rey, after probably the best collective display under Ronald Koeman, resulting in a 3-0 victory against Sevilla. After the final whistle, the Dutch manager and key players spoke with the press regarding the roller coaster of a match.

Heading into the game, it seemed the Culés had very few chances of advancing to the final of the domestic cup, after losing 2-0 in the first leg against a very serious and compact Sevilla side. Nevertheless, the team showed an impressive determination and mental strength.

This is what, Ronald Koeman had to say:

Regarding what his team showcased

“I am more than 100% proud of my players: the way we played is the most difficult: putting pressure on the team throughout the game, the effort is incredible. The way we did it, playing off the ball, it was amazing.”

On what they expected of Sevilla

“Sevilla plays that way. They put a lot of pressure on you and squeeze you. They knew that if they scored, they would have a very good scenario.”

Regarding their win against Sevilla on the weekend

“It was very important, because of our confidence and how we faced today: we would have to come back from 2-0, which was very difficult. Can’t ask for more than what this team has shown today.”

On Ter Stegen and the penalty he saved

“The penalty saved by Ter Stegen, of course, was decisive, because scoring three goals against Sevilla would have been very difficult. Marc is a great goalkeeper and knows how to save penalties.”

On whether this game will mark a new beginning for Barça

“The team has deserved it for our work and honor. We have improved a lot without the ball, we are much more aggressive. It is an important result for the club and for me. If you win games you are very good and if you lose games you are very bad.”

Is a comeback possible against PSG?

“A 2-0 is not easy, but a 1-4 is still something else. But we will play the match to win and then we will see if there is a chance to pass. If not, we will have to continue on the same path.”

Regarding the importance of Piqué for the team

“Gerard has proven to be one of the undisputed leaders of the team and has been decisive for us with his goal. But it is not fair to single out just one player.”

Pedri, the young superstar of midfield, also spoke with the press, this is what he had to say:

On the comeback

“Piqué’s goal was crazy. Griezmann’s cross was spectacular, Piqué scored a great goal and the celebration was incredible. I’m still on the adrenaline.”

Regarding the new 3-5-2 system

“With this system, pushing and stealing, we create a lot of danger. It is a dream to play the final of the Copa del Rey. I hope to win it. I have many dreams to fulfill and I want to fulfill them at this club.”

On the injury he had over the weekend

“I had a lot of pain in the soleus and thought I was not going to be ready. If they had told me on Saturday that I would be playing today, I wouldn’t have believed it. It has been a great joy because everything has gone well.”

Marc-André Ter Stegen proved once again to be a key part of this Barça side. Having saved a penalty, it seemed everything was going the Culé’s way. This is what the goalkeeper had to say:

On the match

“This classification is very special. We have been patient. It was not easy, but we were intense, with good pressure and we did a good job. We are very happy with what happened today.”

Regarding the importance of the penalty

“I had the feeling that he was going to kick it there and I made the right decision. If they scored the penalty, we knew it would have been very difficult. It was a very complete game and we deserved this. It is always good to help the team, and with this penalty, although it is a lottery because you never know, it has been very important.”

On the team’s ambition

“This victory was very necessary, it helps us to move forward. It was one of our goals, so we are very happy to reach the final. Due to the current situation, we always want to bring joy to our fans. These are difficult times, but we do not stop believing and we hope to win this title.”

Martin Braithwaite scored the third and final goal, which allowed the Blaugranas to start dreaming about moving forward to the final of the Copa del Rey. This is what the Danish forward had to say:

On the importance of Ter Stegen saving the penalty

“Ter Stegen’s save is more important than my goal. It has given us the option of being able to comeback. He is a player who is always there to save the team.”

Regarding his goal

“All the goals I score are important, not just this one.”

On the match

“We have fought a lot and we have deserved to go to the final.”

Clément Lenglet has slowly begun to recover his good form at the back, showing confidence and good decision making. However, he was also part of a polemic call of the referee. This is what the French defender said:

Regarding the comeback

“The second goal took its time, but it came at the right time to give us thirty more minutes. It was a deserved victory.”

Regarding their physical condition right now

“We have a lot of overtimes on our legs. We are getting used to playing like this this season.”

On the possible hand ball he almost committed

“I have been part of everything bad regarding hand balls lately and I was afraid of the worst. Luckily this time they have not whistled. I was with my hands on my head, very worried.”

Finally, Jordi Alba also played a very complete and intense game. This is what he had to say:

On the match

“I am very happy and proud of the whole team. We are going through difficult times at the club, but today is a very important day. Now we must continue.”

Regarding their current form

“We have had two very good games and a half. The two games against Sevilla have been the best of the season. I said that if we didn’t compete 100% it would be very difficult and I am very proud of the team. If we didn’t win today, the season would have been long. It gives us a lot of joy and confidence for the season.”

On the importance of Piqué’s goal

“Piqué’s goal was amazing. It has been a play in which the whole team has come to finish off and the tallest one has scored. It allowed us to face overtime with much more confidence. We have competed very well against a great rival.”