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UEFA Women's Champions League Final 2023 / IFFHS
UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 2023 / IFFHS

Full house at the San Mamés

Sporting over 50, 000 screaming fans, The Cathedral set one of the many records set yesterday. Mostly Blaugrana, the fans cannot be counted out of the crucial factors that enabled Barça Femení to edge past their bitterest of rivals. 

From kick off to the final whistle, all the fans made sure to play their role in the big game, perhaps the biggest game in European women’s football (soccer). 

More history

At the beginning of the season, Barça Femení set the record straight; they wanted everything the table had to offer. The League, Supercopa, Copa de la Reina and finally, the crown on the jewel, the UEFA Women’s Champions League trophy. 

The 25th of May 2024, will go down in history as the day Barça Femení saw to it that all those dreams and goals were achieved. Defeating the toughest opponent that they have ever come across, in Olympique Lyonnais.

The game, earlier on, featured some hairy and close moments like Irene Paredes going down after a misstep by Lyon skipper Melchie Dumornay. Also as expected, Lyon looked really dangerous in the way of set pieces and aerial threat, which were dealt with momentarily by goalie Cata Coll and her rock solid defense. Other than that and a few chances in Barça’s favor, the first half went by largely uneventful.

It wouldn’t be until the second half in the 62nd minute that the game got a lot more interesting. Aitana Bonmati forced a deflection into the back of Endler’s net, bringing the score to 1 – 0. Some nerves were settled, and it was on. 

A perfect end to the incredible fairytale

Lyon, who looked to find the equalizer and perhaps turn the tables, looked more dangerous in the last ten or so minutes, but again, Cata Coll and the defense was equal to it. Into extra time, almost winning at that point, Capitana, Alexia Putellas would seal, and deliver the trophy with one beauty of a goal, born from some surgical plays by Ona Batlle and Claudia Pina.. 

After that, the celebrations were already underway. Fans, players, staff, everyone. All Culés. El teoría de tres was now in full effect. Everywhere looked like three. Alexia scoring the absolute winner and taking her shirt off felt like something out of a movie. Head coach Jonatan Giraldez, finally outsmarting the giants in his last Champions League game in charge of Barça. The perfect end of an era for him. Ten trophies out of the possible Twelve in his name.

Them Records

Yesterday, biggest UWCL final attendance, Barça’s fourth trophy for the season, also for the first time, Lucy Bronze’s fifth UWCL title, the first England player to see that feat and perhaps the most memorable, winning against the most decorated UWCL participant for the first time, every player putting on a performance of a lifetime. It will go down in history for a lot of other good things as well, but first, 

Let’s enjoy culés, because as the tifo read, “Movem el mon”.

Barça, Barça, Baaarrrça!!! 🔵🔴