Barcelona explores options beyond Nike amid contract negotiations

Hummel Logo / Photo Credit: Hummel
Hummel Logo / Photo Credit: Hummel

Hummel serves as Barcelona’s backup plan to secure a kit sponsorship.

Within the framework of negotiations with Nike to improve the current contract conditions, which expire in 2028 and are kept under tight secrecy by both parties, FC Barcelona is exploring all possible options to ensure the guaranteed production and commercial exploitation of its kits on a large scale. In addition to Puma’s strong interest in becoming the technical sponsor of the Blaugrana club, President Joan Laporta introduced a third option on February 2 on RAC 1, suggesting that the Barcelona entity operate with its own brand, albeit requiring a partner to handle all factory production.

According to Jijantes, the Danish company Hummel is an alternative on the table for Barça to produce the extensive line of competition clothing in the event that talks with Nike dramatically end, potentially breaking the existing bond since 1998, pending a hypothetical agreement with Puma for the 2025-26 season. In this scenario, Hummel could be Barça’s supplier for next season’s kits.

In addition to the Danish national team, Hummel, with a significant presence in handball, currently outfits Las Palmas, Betis, Southampton, Everton, and others such as Málaga and Sabadell.

As previously reported by MD, FC Barcelona aims to resolve this matter imminently due to the urgency for the production of next season’s kits. The Blaugrana club has consulted prestigious legal firms to ascertain the cost of terminating the current contract with Nike, which currently prohibits the opening of stores abroad and e-commerce from the United States.