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Barcelona eyes administrative solutions for Ibrahim Diarra’s future

Ibrahim Diarra / Getty Images
Ibrahim Diarra / Getty Images

Ibrahim Diarra has gone back to Mali following the conclusion of his trial period with Barça in the past few weeks.

Ibrahim Diarra has returned to his native Mali after completing the trial period he underwent at Barça in recent weeks. The forward has met all expectations generated and reports issued by coaches highlight the enormous potential he holds at just 17 years old. Diarra has made a very good impression in the various training sessions he has alternated between the youth team and Barça B. However, the problem arises when it comes to managing his incorporation into the Blaugrana club. The player is a non-EU citizen and will not turn 18 until December 12, a prerequisite for FIFA to process his new license.

The club and the player’s surroundings have already analyzed the situation to find possible administrative alternatives that will allow Ibrahim Diarra to be a Barça player in all respects from next summer onwards. The aim is to expedite Diarra’s arrival and integration into the full dynamics of Barcelona’s gameplay as soon as possible.

According to Tomas Andreu from SPORT, Ibrahim Diarra has stood out, especially for his mobility and speed in all types of actions. Predominantly offensive and vertical, he is considered an important short and medium-term investment. The player belongs to the African Foot Academy of Mali, which recently established collaboration ties with FC Barcelona, and it was the academy that formalized the trial period of its young prospect at the facilities of Barça’s Sports City.

Now it remains to be seen whether it will indeed be possible to find some sort of administrative loophole to accelerate Diarra’s development under the guidance of the Blaugrana coaching staff this summer.