Barcelona Faces Crucial Decision: Nike or Puma for Shirt Sponsorship

Joan Laporta / Getty Images
Joan Laporta / Getty Images

Joan Laporta is deliberating between renewing their shirt sponsorship with Nike or switching to Puma.

Joan Laporta and his board will soon have to decide what to do with the shirt sponsorship. According to Luis Rojo of MARCa, at this moment, there are only two options: to continue with Nike and renew the contract or to terminate it and go with Puma. The option of producing their own shirt has been ruled out. Currently, everything indicates that the club will go with the German brand.

There are two compelling reasons for this. Firstly, Puma’s offer significantly improves the conditions of the current Nike contract. But above all, because they are willing to pay a €100 million signing bonus immediately upon activation of the new contract. In the current economic situation faced by Barcelona, this is a real blessing. The annual payment is also substantial.

Although these types of contracts have many clauses, Puma is prepared to pay €120 million per season, a considerable amount higher than what Nike currently pays. The American company pays €85 million fixed plus another €20 million in variables. However, these figures are very volatile as they depend on many factors and even have penalties if certain objectives are not met. Barcelona wants to decide soon who they will stick with. Currently, they are waiting for Nike to make a final offer. The figures they were offering did not exceed what Barcelona is currently receiving.

Although the team is not currently experiencing its best moment, Laporta does not want the club’s prestige to decrease. Qualifying for the Champions League quarterfinals has been a real economic relief for the club, which will receive €10.6 million for advancing. Now it remains to be seen how much they can earn by continuing in the competition. Winning the tournament would mean €31 million for the club plus ticket sales.