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Barcelona’s Goal Hunt: Lewandowski Aims for More Victories

Robert Lewandowski / FC Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski / FC Barcelona

Recap of Robert Lewandowski’s interview with Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski recently shared his thoughts on his tenure at the club and the challenges ahead in an interview.

Expressing his satisfaction with his time at Barcelona so far, Lewandowski stated, “I have been at Barça for a year and a half, and I feel good. I have won things and I have scored a lot of goals.” However, he emphasized the need for more goals and victories, adding, “Right now, including me, we have to score more goals and win more matches.”

Lewandowski also praised the city of Barcelona and its people, highlighting their positive impact on his family. He stated, “The city is very nice and the people too. It’s not just me who is happy but my family too.” Despite this, he emphasized his primary focus on football and family, saying, “In my head football and my family come first and the rest later.”

Reflecting on his performance as a striker, Lewandowski emphasized the importance of contributing to the team’s success. He remarked, “For me, as a striker, it’s important to have a performance with goals and a win.” Looking ahead to upcoming matches, Lewandowski stressed the significance of winning to boost team confidence.

Discussing tactical considerations, Lewandowski highlighted the need for adaptability and simplicity in gameplay. He emphasized, “We have to know how we can play, not only to win but also to have chances. We have to know how to adapt during the game to make it easier to create chances.”

Finally, Lewandowski expressed support for coach Xavi Hernandez amidst the team’s transitional phase. He acknowledged the emotional challenges faced by Xavi and underscored the team’s commitment to supporting him.

Lewandowski’s insights provide valuable perspective on Barcelona’s current status and aspirations under Xavi’s leadership. As the team navigates through challenges, Lewandowski’s focus remains on contributing to the team’s success both on and off the field.