Barcelona’s Urgency to Renew Pau Cubarsí’s Contract

Pau Cubarsi / Getty Images
Pau Cubarsi / Getty Images

Pau Cubarsi’s journey to the first team leads to renewal urgency.

Pau Cubarsí left no doubts during his time in the youth football. Everyone was fully convinced that they were witnessing a huge football talent. However, making it to the elite and showcasing everything he was believed to be capable of was a different story altogether. Cubarsí not only lived up to but exceeded the expectations of those who have known him for years. According to Ivan San Antonio of SPORT, his breakthrough caught many by surprise, both at Barcelona and in the Spanish Football Federation.

While both entities were aware of his unique potential as a central defender, it was only Xavi who sensed that he was ready for the big leap. Cubarsí turned 17 in January, yet his performances resemble those of a seasoned veteran. Barcelona is certain that they will need to renegotiate his contract sooner rather than later. Although his current contract runs until 2026, recent events have accelerated the need for discussions about a new deal. While there has only been an initial contact with his agents, the club is eager to recognize Cubarsí’s progress and secure him as an essential player for both present and future.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Football Federation closely monitors the defender’s development, having included him in the pre-list for the upcoming international break. While it wasn’t initially planned for Cubarsí to join the senior team, his potential inclusion depends on his performance until the end of the season. However, there are rumors from Madrid suggesting that he might make it to the Eurocup and even the Olympics, which concerns Barcelona’s sports management.

Yet, both entities are willing to find a compromise that prioritizes the player’s well-being above all else.