Concern grows as Pedri suffers third injury blow at Barcelona

Pedri / Getty Images
Pedri / Getty Images

All scenarios are being contemplated with Pedri.

Pedri’s injury has opened a serious and dangerous crack at FC Barcelona. According to Javi Miguel of AS, within the club, this new setback, the third of the season, has been met with absolute bewilderment and unease, especially because both the player and the professionals accompanying him, along with the coaches, had put all their efforts to prevent this new injury to the right thigh’s rectus femoris. All the preventive work, hours spent in the gym, strict diet, psychologist’s assistance, coach’s management of minutes and loads, orderly and balanced life outside the sports arena, and quality training sessions have all gone down the drain.

Right now, the uncertainty surrounding Pedri’s situation is such that nobody dares to set a return date. Under normal circumstances, the club hints that he could be recovered in a month and a half. However, Pedri’s conditions are so many and so serious that nobody has dared to mark a date on the calendar. “He will be back when he has to be,” they simply point out in the dressing room, aware that the situation is entering an extremely dangerous zone. Furthermore, in his case, undergoing surgery to solve his problems with the right thigh’s rectus femoris is not recommended. Unlike Samuel Umtiti and Ansu Fati, who worsened their injuries due to their trauma to the scalpel, surgery is not being considered for Pedri. This leaves even less room for maneuvering for the medical services, who will have to start from scratch again.

It is evident that Pedri’s condition is a concern and occupies the minds at the club. We’re talking about one of the team’s franchise players and a cornerstone of the project. However, in these last three seasons, he has barely been able to play 50% of the matches, with the added handicap that he usually misses the final stretch of the season, when the team is competing for all titles.

The club is aware that this situation cannot be prolonged indefinitely and that they must find definitive solutions. Right now, all scenarios are being considered, and none are ruled out, not even a possible sale in the summer.