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Coutinho opens up about Barcelona’s memories and future prospects

Philippe Coutinho / Getty Images
Philippe Coutinho / Getty Images

Philippe Coutinho reflects on his time with Barcelona.

Philippe Coutinho, in an exclusive interview with SPORT, reflected on his time at Barcelona, expressing no regrets despite challenges and setbacks.

“When asked if he ever regretted joining Barcelona, Coutinho firmly stated, ‘No. At no time. Things didn’t go as I imagined, as people expected, as I expected because I am the first to demand myself in the field.’ He emphasized his dedication, saying, ‘I tried everything, I have always been very professional and I do not regret anything.'”

Even when questioned about changing anything from his time at the club if he could go back, Coutinho remained resolute. “Nothing. I wouldn’t change anything,” he affirmed. “Going back is impossible, but as I said I don’t regret anything, I always did my best in training as I do here and as I did last year and as I will do next year. If things fit well, perfect and if not, patience.”

Addressing his career satisfaction, Coutinho stated, “No. I am satisfied with my career. Many people think if it is good or bad, but I am satisfied with myself. I know what I represent, what I can do, I know who I am and this is the most important thing for me.”

Offering advice to the young talents at Barcelona, Coutinho encouraged them to relish their journey. “I would tell them to enjoy as they are already doing. Many young people are coming and doing a great good at Barça as it has always been in the history of this club. The academy has always been very good. I would tell them to enjoy their game, the team and have fun on the field.”

Coutinho, when asked if he follows Barça news, confirmed, “Yes, I like to watch football games.” Reflecting on Xavi’s departure, he praised the former player and coach, stating, “Xavi has been a great player, a great coach although I have coincided with him for a short time. At the club they are doing a reformulation, but surely Barça will always be among the greats.”

On the subject of potential coaches like Flick and Klopp, Coutinho spoke highly of both. “They are two great coaches. I have trained with both of them and the truth is that I had a very good relationship with them and their teams have always played very well. Any of these options would be very good for any team in the world.”

Regarding their fit with Barcelona’s style, Coutinho remained diplomatic. “I don’t know, but everyone adapts. Coaches also adapt to the way the club plays. We are talking about two great coaches who would fit into any team in the world. Football is always changing, there are always new ways of playing and I think they are two great coaches, this is all I can say.”