Decision Delayed: Barcelona Weighs Options for Next Season’s Kit

Joan Laporta to make decision on kit supplier / Edit done by Hafed Almadani
Joan Laporta to make decision on kit supplier / Edit done by Hafed Almadani

Joan Laporta is still deliberating whether to switch the team’s jersey supplier from Nike to Puma or opt for an in-house brand.

Barcelona board led by Joan Laporta is still undecided on whether Nike, Puma, or a proprietary brand will produce the team’s jersey for the upcoming season. This matter was discussed during Monday’s delegate commission meeting, yet a final decision is not expected at the board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 26. According to Ferran Correas of SPORT, Laporta and the core members of the board are inclined towards terminating the club’s contract with Nike, which runs until June 30, 2026, extendable for two more years, in favor of signing with Puma.

Apart from the numerous points of contention with the Oregon-based multinational, the German brand’s offer is deemed much superior, potentially reaching €120 million per season plus a bonus of around €100 million. The proposed strategy involves a one-year transition period with the production of jerseys under a proprietary brand. It is believed within the club that the sales of next season’s jersey, commemorating FC Barcelona’s 125th anniversary, will be highly successful, resulting in significant revenue. However, before making what would be a historic decision, the board intends to thoroughly analyze all the potential consequences of severing ties with Nike. The club’s legal department is currently scrutinizing the contract with the American multinational, including all existing clauses.

An amicable termination would be preferable for Barça, although they acknowledge it as an unlikely option. In the event of litigation, the board will consider the financial implications, which could be detrimental to the entity’s budget. Therefore, the club emphasizes that no hasty decisions will be made, and the process may be protracted. They also assure that regardless of the decision, there will be no risk to the production of jerseys for the upcoming season, both for match play and fan purchase, as arrangements have long been secured for production in the event of opting for a proprietary brand next season.