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Fermín López Optimistic Ahead of Champions League Clash with PSG

Fermin Lopez / SPORT
Fermin Lopez / SPORT

Fermin Lopez expressing optimism about Barcelona’s upcoming Champions League match against PSG.

Fermín López spoke to SPORT about his recent involvement with the Barcelona first team. He entered the Ciutat Esportiva wearing a bright smile that suited the sunny morning. Holding a pair of white Under Armour boots, the sports brand he represents, he clarifies, “No, those aren’t the boots I wore when I scored against Napoli; those were golden.”

Asked about their quarterfinal opponents, López admits, “It’s going to be a tough match, a difficult one because they’re a great team, but whoever we faced would have been tough.” He expresses determination, stating, “We’ll try to play our game and make it to the semis.”

Reflecting on the draw, López notes, “At the end of the day, we knew that whichever team we got would be a big one. We got PSG, and we’re happy about it.” He acknowledges the advantage of playing the second leg at home, adding, “But in the end, whoever you get… It’s true that City is a great team and is doing very well, but you could also face them in a final.”

Discussing motivation for the Champions League games, López emphasizes, “The motivation already comes with the Champions League. We’ll be playing against a great rival, and in that aspect, everyone will be fired up.”

Asked about facing Mbappé, he admits, “He’s one of the most dangerous players PSG has, but there’s also Dembélé. They’re great players, and we’ll try to stop them.”

Reflecting on their recent victory against Napoli, López credits their improved morale, stating, “We’ve taken a step forward emotionally.” He expresses personal joy, saying, “It’s a great joy. It’s something I dreamed of since I was little: scoring goals like that for the club I always wanted to play for, Barça!”

When discussing fellow La Masia graduates, López emphasizes their shared passion for the club, saying, “People from the house feel a lot for the club, we’ve been Barça fans since we were little kids.” He praises the work at La Masia, saying, “In La Masia, they do good work in the youth teams, and what they aim for is to bring as many people as possible to the first team.”

Reflecting on his struggles for playing time, López acknowledges, “Everyone likes to play and do well. I went through a period where I didn’t feel as good as at the beginning.” Expressing gratitude towards Xavi, he reveals, “He always tells me the same thing, to stay calm, that everything comes. He always helps me a lot in every way.”

Regarding their chances in the league and the Champions League, López remains optimistic, stating, “In the league, we still have faith. We know it’s difficult because Madrid and Girona are having a good year, but yes, of course, in the Champions League, we’re very motivated.” He expresses his desire to fulfill his contract until 2027, saying, “Yes, the truth is that I’m willing to be here until the club wants. I’m young and I have a lot left, but my dream is to be here for many years.”