Future Kit Supplier for Barcelona Still Undecided

Photo Credit: FC Barcelona
Photo Credit: FC Barcelona

Barcelona is considering options for its future kit supplier.

The future official supplier of Barcelona’s kits remains undecided. As of today, the club has a contract with Nike until 2026, with an option to extend until 2028. Three scenarios are being considered, as hinted by Laporta in interviews.

One of them, breaking ties with Nike and producing their own kit, seems unlikely. According to RAC1, noting that while this proposal is losing feasibility, two other options are gaining traction. Barcelona’s relationship with Nike began in 1998 and has been revised several times since, but recent tensions have led to growing dissatisfaction with the brand. This tension has prompted the club to consider significant changes. Both Nike and Puma are making moves in response.

Nike has improved its proposal in recent weeks to retain sponsorship, while Puma is reportedly offering 20 to 30 million more. Barcelona is evaluating both proposals, weighing the global influence of Nike against Puma’s aggressive bid.

The club aims to double its annual earnings from Nike, currently at 105 million, including fixed and variable amounts. However, breaking the contract with Nike may incur costs unless negotiated otherwise, a situation Puma is willing to address by covering potential indemnities to secure the sponsorship deal.