Joan Laporta addresses Xavi’s departure and Barcelona’s season challenges

Joan Laporta / FC Barcelona
Joan Laporta / FC Barcelona

Joan Laporta speaks for the first time following Xavi’s departure.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta shared his thoughts on Xavi Hernandez’s decision to step down as the club’s manager at the end of the season, expressing understanding and respect for the legendary figure’s choice. Laporta highlighted Xavi’s honesty and love for Barcelona, emphasizing that the decision to finish the season before departing was a formula proposed by the coach himself.

“Xavi told me that at the end of the season, he would leave, that he wanted to finish the season, it is a formula that I accept because it was proposed by Xavi and he is a legend of Barcelona. He’s an honest person, who loves Barcelona,” Laporta remarked.

Acknowledging the challenges in La Liga, Laporta stressed the importance of maximum commitment from Xavi and the coaching staff until the season’s end. Despite the difficulties, Laporta remained optimistic, stating, “La Liga is difficult, but not lost, we must fight to occupy the best possible position in the league without ruling out winning it.”

Laporta also outlined the team’s aspirations in the Champions League, emphasizing a step-by-step approach starting from the match against Napoli. He emphasized the need for increased character and concentration, with both the coach and players giving their all to achieve the set objectives.

“Everything has to be done to try to win the Champions League, we will go step by step from Naples, with more character and without losing the concentration, with the coach giving everything and the commitment of the players, we hope to achieve some of the objectives we have set for ourselves,” Laporta stated.

Reflecting on the current season, Laporta acknowledged that things did not unfold as planned despite having an improved squad. He highlighted the team’s unmet expectations and emphasized the necessity to reverse the current situation.

“It is true that this season things did not go as we planned. We are coming from a season in which we won La Liga and SuperCopa. Therefore, with the, let’s say improved squad, we had better expectations, but they have not been met so far. We have to reverse this situation,” said Laporta.

In a call to the fans, Laporta urged continued support for the team, recognizing the challenging circumstances. He expressed confidence in the fans’ understanding and emphasized their crucial role in helping the team navigate through the difficulties.

“I ask fans to continue to encourage the team, because, with your support, this team can change the situation. I am sure you understand this situation, and we know how difficult it is,” Laporta concluded.