Barcelona Interviews LaLiga

Koeman: “It is a giant step backwards.”

Ronald Koeman watching the game. (Source: GETTY IMAGES)

After another capitulation away from home in the league, this time against Cádiz, Ronald Koeman & Sergio Busquets spoke to the press, assessing how the result will affect the team’s chances in the league.

Ronald Koeman:
Do you have any explanation for these errors?
“It is very difficult to explain the goals we are conceding. It may be because we lack concentration. In the game we also lacked aggression without the ball. It is not easy to explain how we conceded the second goal. It could be a matter of concentration.”

Is the League over for Barça?
“It is a giant step backwards in fighting for the title. We see it like this after a game in which the final result is disappointing. A distance of 12 points is a lot, but we have to keep going. But if we don’t improve the attitude and the ups and downs, I think nothing more can be said.”

Is the defeat the fault of the players?
“No, we win and lose matches together. We cannot criticize, we must assume (responsibility). All of us at Barça, tonight, did not do well to win the game. We have to recognize it and we have to accept it.”

How can this be fixed?
“We have ups and downs in matches, in attitude. The attitude is always good at the beginning, but during the game, there are plays where we leave space… When we don’t have the ball, we miss a lot. It’s a matter involving the whole team.”

Sergio Busquets:
Are you worried?
“There are many defeats and it is clear that there is a lot of the league left but the more we will move away from the top positions the more we lose.”

Why couldn’t the team react?
“Well, we reacted but if there are two goals it hurts much more. We made a mistake and when we tied, there was half an hour left but we made another mistake.”

What happened in the defense?
“Individual mistakes are costing us a lot. We will have to correct that, have more fortune, and continue.”

Why are you losing a lot of points away in the league?
“In the Champions League the team seems different. I don’t know why. What I can say is that in the last games, specific errors cost us. If they score a goal, they close behind. We cannot blame ourselves for our attitude and commitment but this (individual errors) costs you games.”