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Koeman: “The youngsters have adapted very well”

Koeman during training sessions/ FC Barcelona's website
Koeman during training sessions/ FC Barcelona’s website

Ronald Koeman gave an interview to FC Barcelona’s media team where he talked about Messi, training sessions, and more.

First few weeks of training sessions: “They have been good, We (Koeman and his team) have been here for 2 weeks now and the players are working very well. The intensity in the training sessions has been good, both in tactical and physical aspects.”

“The players have shown a lot of encouragement, interest and intensity, and that is the most important thing because for me your training reflects your playing style. It is very important and I am very happy with the work the team has done during these two weeks.”

A new type of preseason: “It is different, it is a short preseason. In four weeks, we play our first La Liga match against Villarreal. There are players who haven’t had much rest as compared to others but you have to try and be prepared for the first game.”

Leo Messi: “He is the best. He is a very important player to the team and he has shown it on multiple occasions, and I hope he can repeat that in this season.”

Match against Nàstic: “Each player is going to play 45 minutes, we are going to make two teams. We will look for the intensity of the match, our order of play, the transition of the match, and how we are going to put pressure on the rival.”

The youngsters: “The youngsters have adapted very well and so have the signings. It is a strong group, each one will get their chances to play. We have a phenomenal atmosphere in training, the youngsters have participated and have a lot of quality.”