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Koeman: There are no conditions for a renewal

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona will tomorrow face Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou for their first UEFA Champions League clash of the season. Prior to the game, Ronald Koeman and Sergio Busquets held a press conference.

Here’s what Koeman had to say:


“Bayern is a great team, with individual excellence and experience. We want to compete in the Champions League and we play at home. We will try to get a good result to start the campaign.”

“We have had changes in the first team and we need time, but football does not give time. It is an interesting game. Which we can draw conclusions from.”


“Our relationship is good. If there are things, we talk about them. We want the best for the club, which is the most important. I don’t have a problem with the president. For me, it is a perfect relationship. We’ve had little things before but we are fine.”

Interview with NOS:

“The only thing I said, is that I am a coach who gives opportunities to youngsters. Not a lot of coaches give as many opportunities as we do. I seek the best for the club. The current situation of the club is complicated, but we are improving things. One of them is giving chances to youngsters, who are the future of the club.”


“There are no conditions for a renewal. At the moment, we are not talking about this issue. Being a coach of FC Barcelona means winning games. It is time to work now. My future is not important, the future of the club and the team is important. Tomorrow we have an opportunity to compete.”

Possibility of winning the UCL:

“It is something that cannot be answered. Chelsea won last year and they were not amongst the favorites.”

8 : 2:

“It’s been more than a year. Several players had suffered in this game. We have a unique opportunity to hurt Bayern. Our team is very good.”

3 center-backs:

“Protecting the game is more important than the system. If we lose balls in our half, they can hurt us. Bayern is physically at the top. It will be important to be in control of the ball and search for spaces. This will be key in tomorrow’s game.”

Coutinho and Luuk:

“Philippe has been away for a long time, but he is getting better day by day. He needs to play now, to be in the best possible condition. Luuk has not played either, he is physically well but needs minutes.”

FC Barcelona

Here’s what Busquets had to say:


“We are very eager and excited to start the campaign. It is a difficult group, it will be important to get a good result in the first game.”

“They have a new coach and he will try to play in his way. Not a lot has changed in the club. Julian will surely try to win. What happened last year was difficult to accept but sometimes football can be cruel. Time has passed, hopefully, this time it will be different.”

LaportaKoeman relationship:

“It is an issue they must solve amongst themselves. We all want the best for the club. If they have a problem, they must talk about it, but I don’t think it is like that.”


“He has started very well, not only with goals but assists too. Memphis is a great signing. Hopefully, he will be important in terms of goals and assists, but also in other facets of the game. He has connected well with the fans. Frenkie and Luuk will make it easier for him. Memphis has created a good atmosphere within the squad. Players like him are always welcome.”

Winning the UCL without Messi:

“Anything can happen in football. Chelsea won the Champions League last season, and they were not the favorites. It is important to be good as a collective. We don’t have Leo’s individual excellence anymore but we are excited for the challenge. The players have a lot of ambition and we want to win.”

Game plan:

“It depends on the situation, of the rival and our players available. If we are not predictable, then it’s a good thing. Having various plans is excellent, but this depends on the coach.”

Messi’s departure:

“It was a shock. It was very difficult to digest after everything Leo had done for Barca and me, but we have to move on. We are just at the beginning of the season and the team will have to get used to playing without Leo.”

Koeman’s impact:

“He has had a great impact. We have been in difficult situations in recent years, with many changes at all levels of the club. He was brought to make a change and he has done a very good job. He knows what he wants and he is working.”