Lamine Yamal Emerges as Contender for FC Barcelona’s Prestigious Number ’10’

Concept of Lamine Yamal shirt with #10 / Edit by @memorabilia1899
Concept of Lamine Yamal shirt with #10 / Edit by @memorabilia1899

Lamine Yamal is in contention to potentlly wear the number 10 shirt next season.

The first team roster of FC Barcelona currently has three unclaimed jersey numbers: the ’10’, the ’12’, and the ’24’. Among them, the most special is undoubtedly the number 10 because of the footballers who previously wore it; players like Leo Messi, Ronaldinho, Riquelme, or Rivaldo. The latest wearer was Ansu Fati, who is currently on loan at Brighton in the Premier League.

According to Catalunya Ràdio, as reported on their videopodcast ‘Barça Reservat’, there is a growing sentiment within the Blaugrana club that, aware of its potential economic value, wants to see it assigned to a player. On the table, there is an option – pending the future of Ansu Fati – Lamine Yamal. However, this opinion doesn’t generate consensus in the higher echelons of the Catalan entity, as entrusting the weight and responsibility of this legendary number to a 16-year-old player, who is not yet part of the first team, would be seen as a hasty decision. The internal debate is more alive than ever.

What seems evident is that the young forward will leave behind the ’27’ he currently wears on his back starting next season, but his new jersey number remains a mystery. The ins and outs of this summer’s transfer market will dictate the shuffle of numbers in the locker room one way or another.