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Lamine Yamal officially signs with Adidas

Lamine Yamal / Getty Images
Lamine Yamal / Getty Images

Lamine Yamal has chosen Adidas to become his new sports sponsor.

Today Barcelona woke up to a powerful advertising campaign featuring Lamine Yamal as its protagonist. The young Barcelona player is the new face of Adidas, officially marking the ‘signing’ of the homegrown talent with the Catalan club. Following in the footsteps of Leo Messi, the Catalan winger is leaving Nike to join the German brand.

“I am proud to join Adidas, as they have always been the brand of the best. Growing up, I idolized Leo Messi, who has been with Adidas since I started watching football. I look forward to the many years ahead together,” expressed the footballer after signing his contract at the headquarters on February 13th. Since January 27th, Lamine has been testing his new boots, all in white, and in Naples, he openly showcased his chosen pair: the same ones worn by Leo Messi.

Throughout today on Barcelona’s Diagonal, a large canvas featuring Lamine Yamal will be installed, along with bus shelters, metro cars, and shop windows all to demonstrate that the young Blaugrana attacker is the major talent explosion of European football this season. Additionally, his image will also be utilized by the Spanish national team.