Laporta: “Messi generates much more than he earns”

Joan Laporta interviewed in Rac1 by Jordi Basté / Manel Montilla/ RAC1

Presidential candidate, Joan Laporta, sat down for an interview with Jordi Basté from RAC1 and talked about Messi’s contract, Koeman and much more.

On Messi’s contract –

“Leo generates much more income than the money he costs. We have carried out a study and he generates a third of Barça’s total income. Yesterday I sent him a message and encouraged him, I told him that he does not have to pay attention to this news.”

On Messi’s future –

“I will do my best to keep Messi at Barça. I have indications that he is fine in Barcelona, ​​that he wants to stay. What he needs is a project for a team that continues to be competitive and wins the Champions League.”

On El Mundo’s cover page –

“This news tastes bad because they lack respect for Barça, and as there is mismanagement in the club right now, it is easier for these things to happen. We have done a study with Jaume Giró, and it stated that Messi generates 1/3 of Barça’s income. Messi represents a total of 8.2% of the club’s expenses. The news has been biased, saying that Leo has led to ruin the club financially.”

On the person who leaked the contract –

“Violating the confidentiality of a private contract is a crime and the one who has custody of a contract is the president, the general director, human resources and legal advice, and now it is also deposited to the League. I think it was a leak,and I hope it was not from the club.”

On Messi’s priorities –

“Messi is not guided by money. You have to look for an imaginative formula. He will not prioritize money. The moments that Leo has made us live are priceless. It’s a huge emotional and sporting return for me. Without him I would not have earned so much.”

On Eric Garcia –

“I have said what I think. For economic, sports and legal coherence, it cannot be done. Knowing that the player wants to come, it is unconscious to pay 3 + 7 or 5 + 5 for a player who will come for free in the summer. Also, what kind of message is transmitted to the La Masia kids to pay for a player who left.”

On Xavi –

“My relationship with Xavi is very good. We call each other frequently. I think that in the short, medium or long term, he can be the coach of Barça. Now the club requires experience. As we did with Rijkaard, who left the foundations for Guardiola. Now you have to respect Koeman, who is doing what he can. I would ask for absolute respect for Ronald, who is a great Barça player, although in football the results are important.”

On his decision to run for presidency –

“Because I love Barça, because I grew up in the moments of being questioned, because I want to return the joy to Barcelona and because I want Barça to once again have a firm leadership.”