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Marc-André Ter Stegen “I want to set an example on and off the pitch”

Marc-André Ter Stegen in the match against Huesca / David Ramos / Getty Images Europe

In an interview with SPORT1, Barça and German goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen spoke about the new president at the club, his time at Barcelona, contract extension and much more.

Being the goalkeeper of FC Barcelona is no small feet, with constant pressure and the highest stakes possible. Nevertheless, Ter Stegen is now in his seventh season in the Catalan club and seems rather eager to stay at Barça. This is what Marc had to say during his interview with the German news outlet:

On the comparisons with Andoni Zubizarreta:

“That my standing is good. People know that I always give my best and that I put my heart and soul into it. I don’t just want to say that, I want to set an example on and off the pitch. When people compare me to great goalkeepers like Andoni Zubizarreta, I am honored.”

Regarding his contract extension with Barcelona:

“I’ve been here for seven years and I feel very good. Barca will continue to be successful in the future, I am convinced of that. For me, therefore, the question was not whether I should extend it, but just how long.”

On the recent turmoil in the club, including Messi’s future, ESL, Presidential elections and so on:

“We talk about it in the dressing room. We don’t live behind the moon. It’s not a pleasant situation for the club and things have certainly not gone well in the past. The new President, Joan Laporta, has a lot to do and will question a lot. He will create a new order of rank. We trust him 100 percent that he will steer the club back on the right track.”

Regarding the ESL and possible retaliation of UEFA:

“I understand people’s displeasure, but there doesn’t have to be a field invasion. I don’t want to approve the league, but I don’t want to condemn them in general either, but I haven’t dealt too much with the subject. I didn’t know anything about it beforehand and was surprised by the topic.”

“I don’t know what kind of power certain people have. I can only say again: The plans for the Super League surprised me at that moment. I only found out about this from the media and then researched and read newspapers. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion after thinking about it. The decision should be considered carefully.”

On the possibility of Messi leaving FC Barcelona:

“He’s the player that has defined the last few years for FC Barcelona. He is the best. Of course it would be a loss for FC Barcelona if he left. In the end, only he can decide whether to stay or not.”

Regarding the young players at Barcelona and their impact on the team:

“It is remarkable that these kids are already playing at a top level at their age. Pedri has been playing almost every game for weeks. It’s crazy for a young guy like that. The boys have more energy than us older players.”

On their chances of winning LaLiga in the final matches of the season:

“After initial difficulties, we now have every chance of winning the league. It will stay interesting until the last day. Somebody up there will have another misstep. It was therefore extremely important for us that we beat Valencia 3-2. As a result, we go into the Atlético game with a lot of self-confidence. The Spanish league is really interesting right now. Four teams are fighting for the title, Sevilla is also still in the middle of the league battle.”