As part of Blaugranagram’s continuous expansion across several platforms and markets, the establishment of the Blaugranagram Podcast Network has taken place.

All podcasts are available across the major streaming platforms in Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, and have underwent a thorough rebrand as part of their inclusion in the network.

The network works hand-in-hand with the Big Heads Media podcast network to continue to provide high-quality podcasts for Barcelona followers around the world, with The Driven Shot soon having made its return, but now in a live format, allowing for interaction with the audience in real-time.

The following podcasts are a part of the Blaugranagram Podcast Network.

The Driven Shot

The Driven Shot podcast revolves around the footballing world, with a special focus on the Catalan giants from Barcelona. Hosted by Blaugranagram’s CEO sports journalist, Omar Hawwash, and co-hosted by Blaugranagram’s COO, Joav Pedraza Pérez, the podcast covers opinions, listeners’ questions, the latest from around the world, and more!

You can stream/watch it on your favorite platform, by clicking here.

Blaugranagram en el Johan

Blaugranagram en el Johan se centrará específicamente en el Barça B, el equipo femenino y los equipos juveniles. Toda la información relativa a los equipos será discutida a fondo por nuestro equipo compuesto por Xavi Ruiz, Joan Barriach y Joav Pedraza Pérez.

Podeís encontrar los ultimos episodios aquí o en su plataforma favorita o en Spotify aquí.