President Bartomeu and his board will face a vote of no-confidence

Over 16,521 signatures have been confirmed valid in the no-confidence motion against President Bartomeu and his board of directors.

The number of valid signatures required to trigger a final referendum against the board has been reached. The club will have 20 days to set a date for the referendum. The Més que una Moció campaign is officially the first successful no-confidence mocion against the current President.

At the end of August, Jordi Farre launched a no-confidence motion against Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board. The motion was launched in the aftermath of Messi’s request to leave the club. The members’ dissatisfaction with the board grew bigger when Leo Messi also showed his frustrations in an interview with GOAL.

Across 2 weeks, the campaign managed to collect 20,687 signatures. To continue with the campaign, around 16,500 signatures were required.

Over the last week, every signature has been double checked, and the campaign ended up surpassing 16,521 signatures.

Within 20 days, the club will set a date for the final referendum to take place. All of Barcelona’s 154,000 members will be able to vote to determine the board’s future. If 66.6% of the voters vote in favour of removing the board, they will have to step down.

If Bartomeu and his board are forced to step down, elections will be held to find a new president. Jordi Farre, who initiated the motion of no-confidence, will be running for presidency, along with Victor Font and Joan Laporta.

Even if Bartomeu keeps his job after the referendum, he will be leaving the club in March regardless. The current term is his second and last term. He will not be able to run for presidency in the elections in March next year.