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Ronald Koeman: “We have dominated and created opportunities”

Koeman during the press conference/ Miguel Ruiz FCB
Koeman during a press conference/ Miguel Ruiz FCB

Before facing their next opponent, seventh-placed Granada, Barcelona manager, Ronald Koeman spoke with the press regarding their recent form, possible signings, Copa del Rey and much more.

This is what he had to say in his press conference:

On Granada

“It’s another game and we can’t trust the result of the other day. We know that if we are not at our level, any rival can complicate us. You have to be humble and do things well, with and without the ball.”

Regarding their form away from home

“We knew we had a tough week, with three games away, and before we had lost quite a few points. We have to recover and it is a sign that we still can. We are not in a situation where we can lose anymore. It is a very high pressure for the team. We can not lose.”

On Pedri going to the UEFA Euro

“It’s not my decision. We can say many positive things about Pedri’s career. Nobody expected a boy his age to play almost every game. He deserves it. Young people always have ups and downs and you have to see how their evolution continues, but I have no doubt that he will continue to improve. He has to demonstrate this level longer.”

On the Copa del Rey matchup against Cornellà

“I am not surprised, in all countries there are this type of qualifiers. They deserved to beat Atlético de Madrid. A modest team has more motivation and is a warning for us. It is a beautiful matchup, we do not have to travel and we will have to adapt to the circumstances of the field. We can see the reports of Barça B, who recently played against them, but first there are other games in which we will have to give our best.”

On their best performance so far

“In the games in which we have had good intensity with the movement of the ball and we have found quality people in the midfield. The Juve game away we were very good and the other day in Bilbao too, after a bad start. We have dominated and created opportunities. A complete game is difficult, because there are always things to improve, but in those games we were at our level.”

On what has caused Dembélé’s recent improvement

“The player’s physique. Ousmane has been here for quite a few years and has been very unlucky with injuries. It is difficult to be at his level. I hope he continues to be physically well, he is training well, happy. I like the player because he has other things above Griezmann, Trincao or Leo. He has one against one and can play on both wings. I hope he continues at this level.”

On possible signings

“For the short term future it is important. We want to improve the squad and I still think that some positions need more competition and effectiveness. This is what I think, but I understand the situation of the club. If it is not possible, it is not possible and we will wait for next year.”

Regarding if Messi looks happier

“Messi is a winner, a player who likes to train and play. Like me, I’m pissed off if I lose. Leo from the first day he returned has done the maximum for this team. In the last game he helped us a lot to win the game. Nor is it normal for him to score three goals every day.”

On their chances of winning the La Liga

“I always look to the team that goes first if you want to win the league. It’s complicated because Atlético has been very strong in La Liga, scoring and winning games. We are in a situation where we cannot lose many more points. We have to be realist.”

Regarding De Jong and Pedri

“It is true that we have spoken with Frenkie about his qualities and where we need him. He is a player who can help a lot to build from behind, but we also need him to reach the opposite area. He is taking on more responsibility. Pedri has played in various positions, with great freedom. Any player like Pedri, De Jong, Leo or Griezmann need freedom to move where there are spaces. We need midfielders to score 8-10 goals per season.”

On Griezmann

“Any player needs confidence and this starts with the player himself. I can talk to the player, but the key is in the players. Antoine always works and the other day he recovered a lot of balls and gave an assist to Leo. Now it’s his turn to score, which is the best medicine.”

Regarding the elections

“The best thing is to have a president as soon as possible because it gives us time to talk about signings. Due to Covid, if you can’t, you can’t. The most important thing in the world is health.”

This concludes Ronald Koeman’s press conference