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Statement: Blaugranagram expands in Scandinavia

Blaugranagram DK's new logo / BLAUGRANAGRAM
Blaugranagram DK’s new logo / BLAUGRANAGRAM

In an effort to further solidify our foothold in the European market, Blaugranagram has decided to further explore expansion in Scandinavia.

Blaugranagram is pleased to announce the launch of increased presence on Twitter, through the account Blaugranagram DK.

The account will enhance Blaugranagram’s coverage in the Nordics, of European football, specifically for FC Barcelona’s first team, Barca Femení and the La Masía teams including Barcelona Atlètic.

It is a move that we hope will allow us to get closer to our readers and followers in the Nordic countries, and the content on that account will be in Danish. We deem it is the best way to target readers from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway together, and hope to solidify our presence in the market when it comes to coverage about Barca and European football.

We thank you all for your continued support.