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The Argentine club San Lorenzo is interested in Suárez

Luis Suárez celebrating a goal against Real Sociedad in LaLiga / JUAN MANUEL SERRANO GETTY IMAGES EUROPE
Luis Suárez celebrating a goal against Real Sociedad in LaLiga / JUAN MANUEL SERRANO GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

In the past, Luis Suárez has acknowledged following the Argentine club San Lorenzo. The former coach of that team, Bernardo Romeo, spoke in an interview about the president’s interest in signing the Uruguayan striker.

Bernardo Romeo, former coach of the historic Argentine club San Lorenzo had an interview with the news outlet El Crack Deportivo in which he spoke, among other things, about the Barcelona striker, Luis Suárez.

Romeo says that during a trip to Spain, he met with many people related to football, and among them he finally got to meet the Uruguayan striker with whom he spoke about his club.

“He spoke to me about the San Lorenzo side of 2001, whom he followed and really liked,” said the Argentine coach.

Bernardo Romeo was also a footballer and striker. He played in the historic San Lorenzo during three stages in different years. Among them, in 2001, when Luis Suárez became a follower of the team.

“It was spectacular [to be with Suárez], I asked him for a photo. He told me that he liked Argentine football a lot, He told me he watched all my goals. It was a huge honour for me.”

He also adds that he was proud of Suárez’s words because of what the Uruguayan means to the world.

Romeo was asked if he sees Luis Suárez playing for San Lorenzo one day.

“Argentine football is really competitive and there’s always the possibility that a player like Suarez comes here – I hope he does,” Romeo continued, before speaking about the interest of the Argentine club president, Marcelo Tinelli in the charrúa.

“I know Tinelli thinks it is a possibility but we will see what happens,” said Bernardo Romeo, finishing his interview with El Crack Deportivo.

Luis Suárez arrived at Barcelona in 2014 and has become in a historical player for the Catalan club. At Barça, he has won every tournament he has played in, including a treble, He is also among the top scorers in the history of the club, in addition to having won individual awards.

The Uruguayan striker has a contract with Barcelona until June 2021.