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Vitor Roque’s transfer fee breakdown revealed

Vitor Roque / Getty Images
Vitor Roque / Getty Images

Unpacking Barcelona’s transfer deal for Vitor Roque.

Barcelona’s recent acquisition of Vitor Roque from Athletico Paranaense has been the subject of much discussion around the Barcelona fanbase. According to Roger Torello of Mundo Deportivo the transfer fee, reportedly totalling €61 million, is comprised of fixed and variable components, with an additional provision for capital gains in the event of a future sale.

Fixed fee

A significant portion of the transfer fee, €30 million, is fixed. Barcelona has agreed to pay Athletico Paranaense in installments, with €5 million due every six months until the full amount is settled. As of now, Barcelona has made an initial payment of €5 million towards this fixed fee, with further payments scheduled over the coming months.

Variable components

The remaining €31 million of the transfer fee is subject to various performance-based variables. Barcelona’s payments towards these variables are contingent upon Roque’s achievements and contributions on the field.

Performance-Based Payments

Barcelona will pay €5 million to Athletico Paranaense for every season in which Roque plays more than 50% of the matches, until he reaches the age of 25. This component of the variable fee has the potential to amount to €25 million over the specified period, depending on Roque’s playing time and fitness.


In addition to his performance on the pitch, Barcelona has agreed to make further payments based on Roque’s individual accolades. The club will pay an additional €5 million if Roque finishes in the top three of the FIFA The Best awards, showcasing his exceptional talent on the global stage. Furthermore, a €1 million payment is earmarked if Roque achieves the prestigious honor of winning the Ballon d’Or before the year 2031, highlighting his exceptional skill and potential as a footballer.

Capital gains

A notable aspect of the transfer deal is the provision for capital gains in the event of a future sale of Vitor Roque. Athletico Paranaense stands to receive 20% of any profit Barcelona makes from selling Roque in the future. This clause ensures that Athletico Paranaense will continue to benefit from Roque’s success, even beyond his tenure at Barcelona.

In summary, Barcelona’s acquisition of Vitor Roque is not only a significant investment in the player’s talent but also a testament to the intricacies involved in modern football transfers. With a mix of fixed fees, performance-based variables, and provisions for future gains, this transfer deal reflects the complexity of player acquisitions in the contemporary football landscape. As Roque takes to the field in the iconic colors of Barcelona, both clubs and fans alike will eagerly await his contributions and achievements in the seasons to come.