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Xavi reflects on Barcelona’s triumph over Getafe

Xavi / Getty Images
Xavi / Getty Images

Recap of Xavi’s press conference after the win against Getafe.

Following Barcelona’s triumph over Getafe, Xavi Hernandez, the coach shared his thoughts on the team’s performance, individual displays, and their prospects in the ongoing La Liga race. His words provided a glimpse into the team’s strategy and mindset as they navigate a crucial phase of the season.

Xavi began by lauding his team’s comprehensive effort, stating, “For many things. I think it’s a very complete game, both in defence and attack. In intensity.” He acknowledged the challenge posed by Getafe’s aggressive style, emphasizing their relentless work ethic and high defensive line.

Reflecting on the team’s ability to withstand Getafe’s pressure, Xavi expressed satisfaction with their physical and tactical execution. “To get out of Getafe’s high press to make a difference at the back? Not very good team. Physically and tactically we were very good. Clean sheet,” he remarked, highlighting the team’s defensive solidity.

Singling out Frenkie de Jong for praise, Xavi described him as a “geek” due to his perfectionist nature. While acknowledging de Jong’s contribution to the team’s success, Xavi also emphasized the midfielder’s potential for further improvement.

Addressing the La Liga title race, Xavi remained resolute, affirming the team’s commitment to securing maximum points every week. He expressed optimism following their recent positive performances, asserting, “Nothing changes, we don’t throw in the towel.”

Tactically, Xavi explained the team’s emphasis on exploiting spaces behind Getafe’s defence, which influenced his selection of players like Raphinha over Lamine to maximize attacking opportunities.

Praising the team’s ability to evade Getafe’s high press, Xavi highlighted their intensity and quick transitions as key factors in their success. “I’m very happy with how we evaded their high press and managed to create lots of chances. We made the difference,” he stated.

Looking ahead, Xavi expressed confidence in the imminent return of Ferran Torres, emphasizing his importance to the team’s success. He reiterated his belief in the team’s preparation and their ability to compete at the highest level.

In assessing individual performances, Xavi commended young talents like Cubarsí for their contributions, expressing confidence in their potential to make history at the club.

Xavi remained steadfast in his decision to lead Barcelona, expressing gratitude to the fanbase for their support. He emphasized the team’s motivation and competitiveness, signalling a promising outlook for the remainder of the season.