3 potential midseason exit scenarios for Xavi

Xavi / Getty Images
Xavi / Getty Images

Xavi is unlikely to be sacked during the season, but 3 possible scenarios could lead to it.

Xavi Hernández, despite facing challenging circumstances at Barcelona, has reaffirmed his commitment to the club’s success. According to Javi Miguel from AS, the coach who had previously incurred personal expenses to join Barcelona is now prepared to forgo compensation if President Joan Laporta decides to part ways with him this summer. Xavi emphasizes his allegiance to Barcelona, prioritizing the club’s well-being over personal considerations, understanding that any decision to relieve him of his duties would stem from the team’s performance this season.

Despite recent setbacks, Xavi remains resolute and determined to navigate the current challenges. While acknowledging the team’s difficult situation, he draws upon past experiences, noting that the circumstances were even more challenging upon his arrival. Nevertheless, the recent loss in the Super Cup final has cast a shadow on Xavi’s project, primarily due to the perceived decline in the team’s image.

Currently, the club maintains its established approach regarding Xavi’s future, focusing on evaluating performance at the end of the season. However, a significant downturn, such as an early exit from the Cup and a string of poor LaLiga results, could potentially prompt a reassessment. The looming Champions League clash against Naples is anticipated as a critical juncture that may influence the club’s stance on Xavi’s tenure.

Xavi recognizes that his continued role at Barcelona hinges on achieving tangible success, particularly in terms of securing titles. Should the team conclude the season without silverware, discussions with President Joan Laporta would be inevitable. In such a scenario, Xavi, demonstrating his generosity and prioritizing the club’s interests, is prepared to resign from the remaining year of his contract without pursuing legal action. His unwavering support for Barcelona, evident from the financial sacrifices made upon joining, underscores his commitment to the club’s legacy.