Announcement: Twitter account suspended temporarily

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The Blaugranagram team regrets to inform its audience that the main Twitter account has been suspended due to an unintentional copyright infringement.

The official Blaugranagram team has had its Twitter account suspended, due to a tweet containing a GIF showcasing Lionel Messi’s celebration after his late winning goal against Atlético de Madrid Sunday night.

For the time being, the team will retain its hard work and dedication towards bringing its audience the latest, reliable news regarding Barcelona and football around Europe.

A backup account has been created, and it is to be found here.

The team remains optimistic that it will regain access to its main Twitter account, pending a potential notice from La Liga restraining the account from being used. As it stands, the account will be reinstated within two weeks’ time, if La Liga do not file a notice to Twitter.

The team hopes to be back on its main account soon, on which it was close to reaching 30,000 followers. We are still available on Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and other streaming platforms, and expect the sixth episode of The Driven Shot podcast to go live soon.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope you will support us on our backup account, even if the main account does not get reinstated.

Thank you again.

Blaugranagram’s owner and founder,