Barça B

Barça B confirms its spot in the First RFEF

Barça B team photo before the match against Espanyol B/ (Source : FC Barcelona)

The tie between Andorra and L’Hospitalet this Saturday (1-1) mathematically qualifies Barça B for the new competition that will be created next season and now opts for the second objective of the season, which is a promotion to the second division.

Barça B has confirmed its spot in the First RFEF, a new competition that will be created next season. They have achieved it after the draw between Andorra and L’Hospitalet this Saturday, since the Catalans, with two days remaining to finish the first phase, can no longer finish below the first three places. Badalona, ​​who currently sit in fourth place in the table, will play on the last matchday against Barça B and are five points behind them. If Barça B and Nàstic lost their two games and Llagostera won both, there would be a triple tie at 32 points, which would leave the Costa Brava team out of the first three places by general goal-average between all three teams. Therefore, there is no longer any formula for the Catalans to go down from the first three places.

But the season does not end here. Because although Barça B have already secured a place in the new competition for next season, they have the option of moving up to Second Division A in this second phase of the competition. For this, it is vital to continue competing to the maximum to add the six points that remain from this first phase, since both the score, as well as the goals for and against, will be dragged to the second phase.

Barça B will be in the second phase with Ibiza, Alcoyano, and Villarreal B already qualified from subgroup B of group III of Second B.

Working of the second phase :

The first three classified teams of each subgroup will face each other in a roundtrip league. There will be six games and a total of 18 points, added to the points which each team will carry from the first phase. Once the six games have been played, the first three of each group and the best fourth-placed team will qualify for the Play-offs for promotion to the Second Division.

It should be remembered that this second phase will be governed by the coefficient and not by the points achieved in the classification. This will be so because there are two groups in Second Division B that are made up of 11 teams and therefore, they will have played two more games than the groups that have 10. This will be the case of Barça B that will have played 20 games at the end of the first phase , while those of subgroup B, rivals in the second phase of Barça B, will have to play 18. The coefficient comes from the division of the points achieved by the games played.

Of these 30 teams qualified for the second phase of promotion, only 4 will be promoted to the Second Division. The rest will contest the First RFEF next year.

The First RFEF :

Currently, the divisions of Spanish football are the following: First and Second Division, which are governed by La Liga, and Second Division B and Third Division, which depend on the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Starting next season, 2021/22, there will be: First and Second Division, which will continue to be governed by La Liga, and the First RFEF, Second RFEF, and Third RFEF, governed by the RFEF.

The First RFEF will be made up of two groups of 20 teams from all over the Spanish territory and will have the 4 teams that descend from the Second Division this season, and the 36 teams that have promoted to the First RFEF this year. These 36 teams will come out as follows: Those that have been promoted directly to the first phase, such as Barça B, and those that after the second phase has been played have not been able to qualify for the Play-offs to the Second Division; those who have qualified for the Play-offs, but are eliminated and cannot be promoted to the Second Division; and those that qualify for the First RFEF in the second phase of the competition, they are the teams that in this first phase have been in the classification between fourth and seventh place.