Barça’s Coach Hunt: Flick and De Zerbi Lose Steam in Race to Replace Xavi

Hansi Flick (left) & Roberto De Zerbi (right) / FC Barcelona Noticias
Hansi Flick (left) & Roberto De Zerbi (right) / FC Barcelona Noticias

The options of both Hansi Flick and Roberto de Zerbi are cooling down at Barcelona.

Barcelona is focused on the present as the season is still underway with two titles to fight for. According to Toni Juanmarti of SPORT, however, the club is keeping an eye on potential candidates for the bench next season. Among those on the list, two names have recently lost momentum: Roberto de Zerbi and Hansi Flick. Each for different reasons. The issue of who should be the next coach has not been thoroughly addressed at Barça yet. In fact, depending on how the rest of the season unfolds, it is even possible, albeit not probable, that Xavi Hernández continues to lead the team.

The team’s performance from now until May could either diminish or multiply the chances of the current coach’s continuity. But focusing solely on facts, the reality is that Xavi announced he won’t continue, so the club must proceed with finding his replacement. At this point, two names have been strongly rumored: Hansi Flick and Roberto de Zerbi. For various reasons, their chances of being chosen have weakened in recent days, although that doesn’t mean they are entirely ruled out. Flick is valued for being an adaptable coach, capable of adjusting to different situations or player profiles.

However, despite his success at Bayern, there is skepticism about his track record, as it would be ideal to have a coach with more years of experience. Additionally, while not a decisive factor, language proficiency is considered a bonus. If the new coach is fluent in Spanish, all the better. As for De Zerbi, his modern football approach is appreciated, but several issues distance him from Barça.

Some relate to his release clause and whether he would truly be willing to join the project, while others concern the club itself: there are doubts about how he would adapt, and it’s considered that his tangible successes are more in terms of playing style or impressions rather than results. De Zerbi is a coach who feels comfortable assuming total control, and at Barça, it’s challenging to consolidate power in certain decisions.