Barça’s Jersey to Showcase Karol G’s Iconic Thorn Heart Tattoo in El Clásico

Potential look of the Clasico exculisve kit / SPORT
A potential look of the Clasico exclusive kit / SPORT

Barcelona’s sponsorship with Spotify continues with Karol G’s iconic “thorn heart” tattoo featured on the team’s jersey for El Clásico.

Barça will feature a new artist on their jersey for El Clásico, following a sponsorship deal with Spotify, showcasing logos of globally recognized artists. The latest collaboration is with Karol G (Carolina Giraldo), one of the world’s most influential artists, whose iconic “thorn heart” tattoo symbolizes overcoming personal difficulties, with the jersey to debut on April 21 at the Santiago Bernabéu. According to Carles Molins of SPORT, the design is located at the center of the blue and red striped shirt, will feature Karol G’s name within the white representation of her tattoo, marking the fourth collaboration since Barça’s partnership with Spotify in March 2022, with the jerseys likely to be of limited edition.