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Barcelona call for Tebas and his ‘nonsense’ to resign

Javier Tebas, in front of the LaLiga logo / RAFA APARICIO/AS
Javier Tebas, in front of the LaLiga logo / RAFA APARICIO/AS

La Vanguardia claims that LaLiga president Javier Tebas presented false evidence about the Negreira case. Barcelona have condemned him and called for him to resign.

The Negreira case has caused a lot of disruption around the club, as Barcelona have been accused of bribing referees to gain an advantage in the league.

The club have since denied the allegations, but today, the fire was fueled once more.

LaLiga’s president, Javier Tebas, has according to a report by La Vanguardia submitted false evidence regarding the Negreira case.

The evidence was submitted to the public prosecutor handling the case.

Tebas has since spoken out on Twitter, defending himself.

“Before submitting the document to the Prosecutor’s Office, LaLiga’s legal counsel informed the Delegate Commission of the contents of the brief and its documents, on February 21. [We have] also requested rectification from La Vanguardia,” Tebas explained on Twitter, attaching the letter he sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“The document [submitted] is not false. Moreover, we don’t accuse anyone. It’s all wrong, it’s self-victimization,” he proclaimed.

Barcelona hits back

The Catalan club have released a public statement condemning the actions of Javier Tebas and LaLiga, calling the president a man of “nonsense”.

“We urgently require the La Liga president to appear in public to explain himself, beyond the tweet sent in the early hours by Mr.Tebas, lacking substance and with a threatening tone,” FC Barcelona urged in an official statement released Monday, adding that the club feels indignation, anger and dismay.

The club reiterates that they have not paid referees, and that the Catalans feel they are a victim of a media campaign ‘for events that never happened’.

They also refer to Tebas’ usual behavior as nonsensical.

“It is not the first time that the president of La Liga has used the media weapons at his disposal to damage FC Barcelona, however, in contrast to his usual nonsense, we could never have imagined that he could try to incriminate our club with false evidence,” the club explains.

Barcelona, upset with Tebas, have called for him to resign from his post as president of the league, for reasons of dignity and respect for the presidency of LaLiga.

“Nevertheless, aware of his obsession with persecuting FC Barcelona and showing his constant averse and manifest dislike of our Club, we understand that the current La Liga president will persist in his efforts to keep damaging our club,” reads the statement.